PureCFNM is a femdom site with hot dominant bitches 

CFNM is a fun little fetish. Let’s be honest, compared to some sick shit out there, this thing is pretty vanilla. But is different, because here you have a mix of two fetishes. CFNM and femdom! Like the sound of that? On Purecfnm you have a fuck ton of cfnm femdom, cfnm blowjob and cum on clothes scenes. If you are a latent perv who likes fantasizing about clothes for women, and you often imagine yourself cumming on clothes women wear, I don’t see a reason for you not to visit now! It’s a pay site that charges 30 bucks a month, but only if you choose their monthly plan, month by month. You can always choose longer plans, and pay less for a month. If you think about it, you save a few bucks, even though you pay all at once. They have hundreds of flicks on Purecfnm, and maybe they even reached their first thousand. They update the site on Fridays and all the scenes are 100% exclusive, with professional models and high production values. We are actually talking about British women, who employ the dicks of naked men to the fullest extent in these steamy scenes, and the chicks look hot. And since this is femdom content, yes, you will see fellas humiliated here, acting like true slaves, compliant and modest. Now, as a macho male, I must say I am not into this sick shit, I simply don’t see a way a woman could make me her slave. But I know there are weak fucks in this world, who crave strange stuff. Hey, if you like feet licking and shit like that, I don’t judge! If you want to let her kill your ass with a strapon, sure, be my guest! But the sheriff will never try something so unmacho. 

A decent site with a nice layout 

But maybe if a woman is really, really sexy, I would let her be in charge. She can go on top, but this is the furthest I will go. Face sitting is another act I would agree on, but that’s it! And maybe some spanking. As a sheriff, I always get to punish nasty delinquents, but no one ever gets to punish the sheriff! And I do have some handcuffs already, so… ok, maybe I am not saying no to this whole femdom thing, but it’s just pretense. Everyone knows who the sheriff is, so don’t think for a second that I am not a big red-blooded male, your idol, someone you admire. That is something these male pussies on PureCFNM are not! They let these bitches humiliate them in obscene ways, just to let them cum on clothes. They would do anything to cum on clothes, and they are suckers for cfnm blowjobs. The design is decent, the organization is good, and you don’t have a busy layout where you have a big clutter of stuff. If you ask me, everything works perfectly here! 


  • Pros

    Exclusive Hd scenes

  • Pros

    Hot bitchy women

  • Pros

    Reasonable prices


  • Cons

    Weak fucks who are not machos

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