Rainbow Six Parody

Tactical Cumshots In The Rainbow Six Porn Parody

The sheriff has played every shooter out there, and from all of them, the one I was least expecting a porn parody for was Rainbow Six. I enjoyed the original game. It has some awesome guns, much more advanced than what we have out here in the West. And you can be sure that I jumped on the porn parody as soon as I found the link. And I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was happy to see that although the game has better guns than mine, I have a better dick than the characters in it. The gameplay of the sex parody combines a shooter experience with a sex simulator. Basically, you have to hunt down bitches and when you shoot them, instead of dying, they will submit to your cock. If every shooter would be like this, we would play them more. 

Shoot And Fuck Every Bitch On The Map

This game is offering you an open map experience. You will have to shoot and not get shot. It’s you against an army of hot chicks. You’ll have to hunt them down and fuck them all. Once you shoot down one of the cunts, you’ll be able to get to her and fuck her. And after you fuck her, she will be added to your harem, where you’ll enjoy her whenever you want. The main goal of the game is to build up your harem with all the bitches. And also, to keep up your sex stamina so that you can fuck them whenever they get too horny. If you don’t satisfy them, they will escape from your harem and you’ll need to hunt them down again. This gameplay style will give you some hours of action to keep you busy all night. There are also some sex scenes you can unlock when you level up, which are featuring solo kinks, threesomes and gang bangs. 

An Excellent Gameplay Experience With No Lagging

One of the worst things about living out here on the edge of the frontier is internet speed. And playing online games can sometimes be tricky. But with Rainbow Six Parody, we have no problem anymore. The game loads up completely when you hit the play button. It might take about half a minute, but once it finishes loading, you can even disconnect from the internet and you’ll still be able to play it all. 

You can play Rainbow Six on any device you might have. It comes directly in your browser and you need no instalment or download. The touchscreen gameplay on phones and tablets is also excellent. You should see the old geezers at the saloon playing it on their phones. The whores there can’t make money anymore because these horny old bastards prefer jerking off to this game instead of paying to fuck them. Lucky for them, even if I play the game all day, I still have a boner for them to work on when I go get my drinks at the bar. 


  • Pros

    Porn Shooter Parody

  • Pros

    Harem Builder

  • Pros

    Cross Platform Compatibility


  • Cons

    No Lesbian Sex

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