RatedGross is a piss and shit tube with hot scat princesses

Hot girl rubbing her clit while taking a nice long messy shit... If this kind of titles doesn’t gross you out, you can visit RatedGross – a scat and piss porn site that is free! is a free porn tube with scat vids, college girls pooping clips, shit and cum scenes and a lot of intense shit fuck moments! These shit sex movies are for those who like a big turd...To these people, pooping during sex is nothing! In fact, they love it and it turns them on even more. You have a lot of face sitting scat videos here, and these scat princesses will inflame you! Of course, if this is something you approve of. But you must approve of it, otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this, right you fruit loop? I have written about scat and piss sites before, so I had to check out some of them. If you read some of these reviews, you know I am not a fan of excrement, vomit and piss porn. It doesn’t do the work for me, I would rather watch something less... well, shitty. But in light of these bodily fluids, I approve jizz and hot messy cumshots. See, I am not a prude! I have my own kinks and sex acts that get me off, and if you are in love with scat princesses, who am I to judge you? So, if this is your area of interest, Rated Gross is a site you should check out.

Obscene scenes that are too gross to digest

I guess watching The Human Centipede is a thrill of yours if you also like watching videos called like this: Sexy Japanese Slut Shits And It Gets Funneled Back Into Her Slutty Mouth. They even added Human Centipede style in brackets! Now you get the taste of this site. It’s messy and weird and full of crazy shit that is simply not for everyone. If you don’t bother ads and that familiar porn tube style, there is nothing here that will distract you from watching their insanely unusual videos. You have the basic sorting options and a long and thin search bar, and you can try to find specific things, like golden showers and babes who eat their own turds. You have some community features here as well. For instance, you can share these videos. I would never do that because I don’t really want to kill my grandma, who also has a Facebook account. But since you have no friends, you can post this on your profile, you klutz! The videos come with screenshots and they have 10 categories, like gay vomit porn and similar items. I am not impressed by it, if you want my honest opinion. Some sites have more categories, and even though this is a a narrow niche, they could think of more things to upload. All in all, the site is decent, and if you like shit and cum porn, check it out! Also be sure to check out ThisVid Scat


  • Pros

    Perfect for turd lovers

  • Pros

    Free and easy to navigate

  • Pros

    Various shit sex scenes


  • Cons

    Only 10 categories

  • Cons

    Some scenes are too gross

  • Cons

    Ads that fuck things up

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