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Reddit is a mind-blowing site because you have so many things here! You may know Reddit for all the smut there, or for the memes… Maybe both? It’s definitely a great source of both fun and erotica, so depending on what you need, you will know why you go there. And if you still aren’t familiar with Reddit and all its functions, I will reveal something to you – there is a section there called Reddit sex stories! Sex stories may not be the most popular porn area because most fappers prefer their smut visual. They like seeing sluts with cocks in their mouths and their coozies drilled good. And stories are only fun for folks who like to imagine things, so if you are open to this way of having fun, you will like sex stories reddit, or reddit sexstories, r/sexstories, etc. These are all useful keywords to find this niche and everything else on Reddit, and you can even type sex storys because it’s not rare for people to misspell these things. If you need female masturbation stories, a good steamy ballbusting story, incest stories and mind control porn stories, everything will be here on Reddit. It’s a very rich and diverse sub, where all sorts of members post what they want to share. Reddit is famous for its active communities. I say communities because every niche here, every sub and category has a unique group of followers. For instance, I know that fucking Cock vore Reddit has 9 thousands fappers, but Reddit sex stories has 253 thousand members. 

Familiar and warm, user-friendly and endless 

Reddit is a well-familiar platform, almost something like a household name, even though there are many smut sites that are more fucking popular. But all the subs here work the same, you just have a lot of scrolling to do and you will never reach the bottom. I don’t know how much time you would have to spend on Reddit to hit the fucking bottom! I have never done it, I never had so much time or patience to delve into everything, but literally everything. There are just so many fucking posts, and it’s impossible to see it all. Every minute someone posts something they like and you always have new things to see. Unfortunately, no matter how cool Reddit is and how much we love it, this site isn’t like porn sites we like. It’s not like PornHub, Brazzers, any 4k smut site and free porn tubes where you can find great videos. Here you won’t find full-length flicks and erotic movies that are long. But with sex stories, it is different. Sex stories are always just texts, so you will find the similar stuff on any of these sites. Literotica or Reddit sex stories – they are all the same, or at least very similar. You will see many beautiful, creative xxx stories here and the best part is that these are amateur writers, talented unknown people who just felt like sharing their experiences.  The sheriff highly recommends you to check out the full list of NSFW Porn subreddits. You will have fun browsing threw these.


  • Pros

    A familiar 100% free site

  • Pros

    Original stories

  • Pros

    Cool community


  • Cons

    Reddit is not a porn site, it's just Reddit

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