Resident Simulator

Resident Simulator Is The Craziest Tentacle Porn Game The Sheriff Has Seen

I have a tentacle of myself and I have seen so much tentacle hentai in my life, but I wasn’t expecting the thing to swipe me off my feet to be a parody game for Resident Evil made in the west. Resident Simulator is the ultimate tentacle porn game, with some of the best graphics, the craziest monsters and the hottest chicks getting fucked hard for your entertainment. You’ll be the one controlling the monsters. Your quests will be to hunt down the chicks and then your prize will be to have your way with them. Let’s talk more about this game, mofo!

Don’t Play This Game If You’re A Wuss

I know I say this a lot about many games. Some hare too hardcore for the regular porn fan. But this one is a scary ride like none others are. One of the guys at the bar couldn’t get it out for a week after getting scared playing Resident Simulator. Funny enough, the broads working the saloon really love playing it. They say the tentacles are the only thing they’ve seen bigger than the sheriff’s dick. One of them even asked me to rail her while she was playing to feel like she’s one of the babes in the game. I guess it does something for their rape fantasy. 

If you like rape fantasies too and if you want to be the predator in an excellent sex game, then this is the one. Not only that the action comes with amazing chicks and some sex scenes that will please all of your twisted kinks, but there are some great sex sound effects, moans, screams and crying that will appeal to your fantasies. There are also some sex scenes in which you can play as a man, and the girls will actually let you fuck them. The creators used these scenes to alternate the monster rape ones and make the whole experience bearable. 

Amazing Character Design And Crazy Monsters

One of the best things about this game is the graphics. Besides looking amazing from a technical point of view, the characters are also excellently designed. I haven’t seen vixens as hot as the babes of Resident Simulator in a while. I love how their tits are bouncing when they get railed hard. I love how their pussies get wet and how the monster sperm drips out of them. The faces they make are in sync to what you do to their bodies and their holes. And they also have some hot outfits to make them slutty, such as high heels, sexy lingerie and even collars or chains.

All the enjoyment of this game comes to you for free. You will play it in your browser without any hustle like downloading or installing anything. You can even have it on mobile, no matter if you use an iPhone or an Android. Play the game and come back to tell me if you jizzed or if you pissed your pants.


  • Pros

    Resident Evil Parody

  • Pros

    Monster Sex Fantasies

  • Pros

    Excellent Vixen Characters


  • Cons

    Too Scary For Some Men

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