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What I hate the most is wasting my time browsing for the perfect masturbation material, if my dick is already rock solid. I prefer to have easy access to the porn, and we all know Google does not really do a great job when searching for specific type of pornography. Lucky for you, the porn sheriff is here to introduce a much easier method of finding your perfect porn material… welcome to

Aggregator Sites Do All The Work For You

No matter what kind of naughty content you are searching for, aggregator sites can help, as they scout the internet for the best kind of content… and RulerTube works in the same way. You can see millions of videos offered on the website, but those are actually links that will send you to other sites. This works great, because scouts the internet for the best porn videos, and then lists them all in one place. 

RulerTube Has All Sorts Of Niches

When you open the homepage of Ruler Tube, you’ll see exactly what I meant. There will be lots of categories and even more tags presented on the homepage. That is quite a lot of niches covered! Though, where the heck are the search options? When a site with millions of porn movies has no proper search options, you know that the creators are freaking lazy. 

There Are No Ads On Ruler Tube!

Browsing through Ruler Tube is quite a breeze. The website has no ads and no pop-ups, which is quite refreshing compared to other free porn sites. Porn sheriff also appreciates the fact that the overall design is dark, so your nightly routine does not have to change. You can see some video information, such as the length and where the video comes from… though mostly expect mainstream professional and amateur content in lower quality. 


  • Pros

    Millions Of Porn Movie Suggestions

  • Pros

    Everything Is Free

  • Pros

    Plenty Of Categories/Tags


  • Cons

    Mostly Low-Quality Content.

  • Cons

    No Advanced Search Options

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