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The Russian Chicks That Bang on RussianTeenAss.Com

I immediately had to rub one out before I started doing the review because these Ruski bitches are tight as fuck! I never knew that comrades had such beautiful babes that they get to bang. So they have vodka and hot cock sucking sluts to keep them warm during their winter nights. Lucky bastards! The whole list of videos that were displayed on the front page was clickable, and the Sheriff had to let the poison out, so I got an objective view regarding's Russian part of the site.

Is it Private or RussianTeenAss?

Yeah, this is one that can confuse some people. I got you. The site is called Private, a site that's been around for years and has a great reputation. If you have never heard of them, I feel sorry for you son. I'll keep it brief regarding the whole site because it is, the redirect where the content is the same. It's just a better marketing scheme, that's it. Regardless of their business wits, these babes are fucking like harlots that just drank a half bottle of rum and needed cock to clean their pipes badly! 

What Are The Chicks Like On Russian Teen Ass?

Hot like the Devil's pussy! If the devil was a woman, of course. They are all slim and have that counter-spy-looking face that all the women had back in all the James Bond movies. The fellas, they all look like KGB agents who are using their cocks to get information out of the gals by fucking them hard! Also, most of the models have small tits, regular asses, and very pretty faces. What they all have, is that 'I want to get FUCKED' look in their eyes. Yeah. That's why all of the videos rock, because of the intent behind their looks. Who says the Sheriff is not deep?

How Much Do Russian Chicks Charge?

What a cleverly posed question. No, they are not hoes and hookers, if that's what you are implying. How much does Russian Teen Ass charge for its awesome subscription program? It's 12.5 euros a month for a whole year. I mean, that's a cool ass deal if you ask me, and the Sheriff is an expert regarding these matters. Sure, you can go cheap and shoot yourself in the foot and do the 29.95 euro for a month, but the question is - why would you? Just get the whole damn year and shoot your loads as a real man does, God damn it. Tired of these cheapskates!

So RussianTeenAss is the site, correct?

Yes, is their landing page if that makes sense. I know it might sound complicated, but let me ask you this. You've heard of Jordan shoes, right? A brand for itself, right? Well, kind of wrong. It used to be Nike which owned Jordan. There you go. Mystery solved. Now let me get back to my slutty Russian bitches so I can nut one off again. 


  • Pros

    Full HD Russian Porn Movies

  • Pros

    So Many Fuckable babes

  • Pros

    Exotic Models


  • Cons

    Monthly Membership

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