Famous bimbos with real nudes and topless celebs on Scandal Planet!

Famous bimbos... And I don't mean Mia Malkova, Abella Danger, Kendra Lust, or Riley Reid... No, I don't mean pornstars. I mean other entertainment industry workers, chicks like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba... Now, I know, I know... A bimbo is maybe too harsh. They are not bimbos. These women are smart, eloquent, successful, confident... Ok, so bimbos is not the word. But sluts... I think every woman is a slut, if not for the audience, then for her man. And OK, it's not really the same, but still, will it be less rude if I said all men are also fucking pervs and motherfuckers who only think about sex, so their brains are fucking full of tits and cunts images? But why am I even being so nice today? You are a horny freak who can't stop fapping in his sticky bed, and these famous sluts are just a bunch of dick suckers who like sucking cocks just like pornstars do! And if you want to see their sexiest moments, you have plenty of dirt on Scandal Planet! Here you will find nudes and erotic clips, excerpts from movies... You know, stuff like that. And it's going to be so delicious! You have real nudes to work with, topless celebs, leaked teen selfies, wwe divas nude and celebrity nudist moments! You will never run out of content to check out, you will see! What I fucking hate here is that on some of these leaked nudes, they put shit to censor the nipples and pussies!

Gimme real content, with real famous sluts who got naked!

The layout of this site is nothing that will impress you, but the content is definitely better. It's an easy interface to use, with a menu bar that should be helpful to a somewhat extent. You can choose to view nudes or sex tapes, but to be honest, when you go to some of these tabs, you will pretty much see very similar shit. They promise a sex tape of Ariana Grande, but I don't fucking see it! I do see some exposed titties and ass cheeks, though, but I don't think this is really her. Yes, there a lot of look-alikes here, be prepared for that. Still, at least you get some sotfcore shit, where the little bitch is in her bra and panties. Rita Ora has some nice titties, though, and these are not fake nudes, that's for sure! What I hate about these sites is that they promise all stars, but frankly, not all the stars have leaked shit. They find look-alikes and pornstars to put heads on the bodies. It's fucking sick! Just gimme the pics of those stunners who did get naked and they have photos of that, because I know there is plenty of that shit! The site doesn't have ads and redirects. Well, if you go to Meet and Fuck, you will be redirected to another site.


  • Pros

    Nudes of celebs

  • Pros

    Sexy content

  • Pros

    An OK interface


  • Cons

    They put stars' heads on pornstars' bodies

  • Cons

    Lots of fake shit

  • Cons

    Nothing new here

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