Vintage sex videos on Score Classics

When it comes to Score Classics, my first impression was this - so many freaking boobies! Giant tits, tanned tits, luscious melons, bare bosoms that look too delicious not to start fapping to them... And this is just my first impression! What is Score Classics, anyway? Why is this fucker called like this? I will tell you right away, mofo - this is a vintage wife porn site. If you like vintage nudist teens, chicks in vintage sex videos that are gorgeous and horny, plenty of juicy vintage full movies XXX, Score Classics is a site you should learn more about. I have recently read some shit about the oldest porno movies, or how some may type it - prono movies, and I learned that the oldest existing porn in the entire world is something called Le Coucher de la MariƩe. They made this film in the late 19th century. Have you ever heard of Louise Willy? Apparently, this was the first pornographic actress ever. But what was porn back then? She performed a striptease for her newly wedded hubbie, but this bitch was never really nude! No tits, no pussies, not even bare feet. This is bullshit, right? But hey, those retarded prudes who lived back then found this risque. To them, this was porn. Damn, I am so happy I wasn't alive at that point, I would be missing out on a lot! At least today everything is pretty hardcore, and even sites like Score Classics that contain vintage porn still give us so much awesome smut!

Nudist teens and nasty wives

This is a site that promises naughty wives, but also slutty teens. I think you will never see tits as big as you will see here! The site looks OK, the menu bar is large and everything is easy to find, so I can give them a plus for that. They have videos, photos and models, but to enjoy all these sections, you will need moolah! That's right, you cheapskate! Money makes the world go round, and if you want bare tits and asses, grab your credit card and give them your info. If you like vintage magazines with ravishing bimbos of the golden period, you will be very happy here because here you have all that! Upskirts, tempting bikinis, exposed busts, pussy flashing moments... These hotties might be mummies now, but in their time, they were quite jaw-dropping. Oh, the glory days... It is so good we have these vintage sites today, am I right mofo? And this is a site that has everything - videos, photos, whatever you like! You can fap to your heart's desire, and you don't even need to worry about paying too much - they always offer discounts, so instead of paying 30 bucks a month, you can pay half the price. How enticing is that? And the site is available in 7 languages, which is pretty awesome! All those sex bombs wait for you on Score Classics! Enjoy it!


  • Pros

    User-friendly interface

  • Pros

    Naked buxom sex bombs

  • Pros

    They are generous with discounts

  • Pros

    Vintage erotic magazines


  • Cons

    You need to pay for the content

  • Cons


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