Sean Cody

SeanCody Is A Premium Gay Porn Site For Boy-To-Boy Action Lovers!

Today I am only focusing on gay porn, so sites like SeanCody are on the menu for me to write about! You know that I fuck women only, mofo, but I also support every choice of sexuality and all forms all love… and lust. Gays are nothing strange to me. In fact, I have plenty of Full HD Premium gay porn sites that you can check out on my beautiful list of porn sites I am not excited to talk about gay porn as I can be when I talk about lesbian porn, but I do want you to have it all when you come to my directory. I am not reluctant to talk about this gay porn site called because I see so many treats here! The site is premium, which means to two things – expect HQ videos and yes, you have to pay for this filth. What I see right away, when I land on the home page of SeanCody is a lot of nude, horny dudes pushing their asses into their fuck buddies! If you like premium gay porn, big dick gay hotties, gay cum porn videos and full HD gay movies – it’s a site that I am happy to present you!

Amateur Performers, But They Seem To Be Pros 

If you are game for something crisp and exclusive, but gay, SeanCody folks only update the site with original material. If you want to see these semi-hard wieners becoming rocklike rapidly, ready to be jerked to attention, you will watch it in that perfect full HD resolution. These are supposedly amateur gay sex flicks, so no famous gay pornstars here… But the quality of these gay porn movies is so good that I doubt these are real amateurs. You know those free gay tubes, where you have 2-minute clips, grainy and so damn imperfect? Well, here the porn is produced by someone who has experience in this field. They sure know how to make good gay porn, and they don’t just hire any amateurs! These are gay men, who have that star quality in them. When they pose and get filmed, they know how to flirt with the camera. Please don’t ask me how I know that! You know I have to watch these flicks for you, mofo! If it weren’t for you, I would probably never dawdle away my precious time on a premium gay porn site!

It Looks Decent, Nothing Is A Surprise Here

The layout of SeanCody is not bad. Videos, models, categories – nothing too messy, nothing that will distract you. They do have many promo posters and previews, and the site doesn’t look as clean as I would like it to be. The prices won’t shock you – 30 bucks every month, or less if your plan is longer. You know how it works – when you really like a premium porn site, be sure to buy the longest plan because the value is the best! 


  • Pros

    Crisp Amateur Gay Porn

  • Pros

    Great Prices

  • Pros

    Hot Performers

  • Pros


  • Pros

    Good Layout


  • Cons

    Not For Straight Sex Maniacs

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