SecretKum Is An Amazing Way To Experience Adult Comics

I have always been a fan of comics, as reading them can be a much better experience than something which is animated or live-acted due to the reader’s imagination doing most of the work. When it comes to SecretKum on Pornhub, it is by far one of the most interesting ways that one can experience adult content.

SecretKum Will Do The Reading For You

If you are someone who loves adult comics but someone who also hates scrolling through the pages by themselves and reading it all, then SecretKum is definitely a creator that you are going to enjoy. This babe reads all of the comics, visual novels, and games that have some sort of narrative for her viewers, and she also puts on different voices for different characters. You can easily just sit back, relax, watch the pages, and let her do all the reading.

The Voice Acting By SecretKum Will Give You A Boner

While reading the text is one thing, when it comes to doing the sound effects, such as ones where a babe is getting her throat fucked by a big black cock, or where her pussy is taking a big pounding and making her moan out loud – SecretKum will make such perfect sounds that they are going to give you an instant boner.

SecretKum Does Regular Uploads

Considering that SecretKum is an independent creator who is just hosting a Pornhub page, one would not expect the content to come in as frequently as she uploads it. There are over 300 videos that have full narration, and they are uploaded once or twice a week. She also has a second channel called SecretKum2, where you can find even more naughty content that is narrated by this babe with a seductive voice.


  • Pros

    Beauty With A Sexy Voice

  • Pros

    Frequent Updates

  • Pros

    Voice-acted Effects


  • Cons

    Some Voices Are Not The Best

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