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I must say, I never expected to get a raging boner from a porn blog, but SeksMet caught me off guard. Having reviewed more XXX websites than many will ever visit in their lives, I consider myself an avid porn lover with a monster cock. As a result, it takes a lot to get my blood pumping and my schlong throbbing. Both of those happened the second I got into this place. I didn't even care that it was in Dutch because "porn videos," "babes," and "sex news" apparently spell the same in any language. Not just that, but the looks of those bitches featured on the landing page at and the stuff they did in those posts were more than enough to get me to jerk off and blast loads of cum in a matter of minutes. That's when I realised blogs evolved since the last time I paid any attention to them. Instead of boring articles with uninteresting information, I was now showered with some of the hottest, sexiest, most seductive broads my eyes have ever seen. I'm guessing they must be Dutch because only Euro whores can look both glam and slutty at the same time.

Enjoy Everything from Adult Stories to Porn Videos

Initially, all that I needed to keep jerking off was the landing page. I kept going back and forth from one post to the other, marveling at all those voluptuous breasts, tight pussies, sloppy blowjobs, and messy facials. When I'd reached the end of the page, I moved to the next to find even sexier bitches. I can confidently say that any post on SeksMet offers more than tons of tube sites out there. Captivating thumbnails teased just enough action for me to click on them. Inside, the adventure begins with a short story introducing the beautiful slut before you move on to the image gallery. These pictures are so good I can't even count how many times I came to them. There are blonde MILF teachers in red lingerie and stockings, slender brunettes with perfect pussies in exotic cars, busty doctors, and classy wives. And, if all of that doesn't end up being enough (and, trust me, it will be more than enough to drain your balls completely), you can wrap things up with a hardcore porn video.

Easily Find Your Way Around at SeksMet

Not only are stories, pictures, and videos at SeksMet top-tier, but the site itself is so good it made my fapping that more enjoyable. Whenever I wanted, I switched from one category to another. One moment I was watching a busty MILF caught dildoing herself while driving her car on the highway, and the next, I was tugging it to the sexiest slut with the tightest body. And even though my Dutch was a bit rusty, the stories came with some of the best porn pictures and videos, so it was rather easy to follow along.
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    Tons of Porn Content

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    Stories, Pictures, and Videos

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    It's in Dutch

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    That's It for Cons

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