SexArt Is A Project From MetArt You Will Like! 

If you have heard of MetArt, you must have heard of SexArt! This is a lovely erotic porn site… Lovely? No, I am not a granny! This is a fabulous, exquisite full HD erotic site with stunning nude models and great perks for those who pay! I have so much to tell you in this review, and I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I am sick of describing designs and layouts of different sites. You want to see how the site looks like? Visit SexArt! It resembles MetArt and the whole freaking network is the same! That’s fine, they don’t have to make different layouts everything they launch a new project. It would even be ugly. Imagine all Team Skeet’s sites with different designs! Hideous, right? But when you see that same, familiar platform all the time… It’s much better! Now, MetArt is a prevalently softcore network, which means most sites here are not hardcore. That is not good news to everyone. I know there are mofos who simply like hardcore porn. They like those rapacious dick eaters like Lana and Riley, but here you don’t really have these adult stars. Here you have more sophisticated girls. 

The Tabs And How I See Them 

Updates, films, photos, models… Well, the updates are frequent and they upload something new every day! It can be a photo or a movie, but you will see fresh content all the time! Then we have films… Yummy! So exquisite, so exclusive… They are original, artistic, sex-packed and so damn fine! The photos here are just perfect! They make models make some very sexy poses. Then they put them in a well-decorated room, you know next to a Christmas Tree or something… I am writing this two days after Christmas, so that is why I see all these Christmas themed posters. And the models… They are really easy on the eyes. Everyone looks so hot here, but they are not like pornstars of the Lana and Riley’s caliber. I would even say these girls are not that charismatic. Sure, they are beautiful, but they aren’t that inviting and slutty, naughty like our favourite smut stars. Now, since it’s Christmas, they are offering a 10-bucks worth value. Usually, SexArt costs 30 bucks a month, but now you can take advantage of the sale. 

They Even Have A Blog, So Yay!

The MetArt network has a blog. This means SexArt also has it! Goodie! I love blogs, especially smutty ones. You will mostly read about their models and photo shoots, and they don’t write dirty, juicy details in the industry. But compared to other premium porn sites, SexArt is so different. They are simply more… I don’t know what the word is. I don’t know what I really want to say. But they are more artistic and maybe serious. I think they invest more in their erotica. Maybe this is not true, but it’s how it seems!


  • Pros

    Exquisite Erotica

  • Pros

    Hot Girls

  • Pros

    Great Values

  • Pros

    The Blog!


  • Cons

    No Complaints

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