Pure Oriental Fetish Porn From SexAsia 

Damn, the Asians are some crazy mofos. You will never get that pure dirtiness of Asian porn on regular western sites. The webmasters who manage Asian-themed sites are gatekeeping the dirtiest action from us. That’s why the sheriff strongly recommends SexAsia, one of the most diverse porn sites for oriental fetishes. It has porn from all across Asia, not just from Japan. And it offers all content in full-length for free download. Let’s see how crazy these Asian mofos can be!

Wank Your Noodle All Across Asia

The SexAsia collection offers a multicultural porn experience. First, there’s all the Japanese porn on the site, which gets extra points for not being all censored and giving us the chance to stare into tight hairy twats. And if you like Japanese fetishes, you will love the Chinese AV content of this collection. It turns out that the Chinese are even dirtier, with lots of toilet voyeurism, medical kinks, crazy BDSM, and even scat. The Koreans are a bit bipolar if you ask me. The porn they produce is either glamorous, with angelic young babes acting like virgins, or completely mental, with lots of lesbians wrestling and fighting followed by humiliating femdom for the losers. 

The sheriff also enjoyed some Thai porn on, which is oddly normal by western standards. It’s mostly featuring Thai escorts fucked in hotel rooms by either western or local porn directors in independent gonzo productions. You always expect a tentacle to pop out of their pussies while watching these movies, but it’s just dudes fucking hookers for the camera. 

What the sheriff also loves on is the femdom category because it brings a switch in what we know about Asian porn. You see mostly Chinese and Japanese chicks, whom we know as submissive and obedient cumsluts, in roles of dominatrices, humiliating and punishing men. These femdom BDSM sessions come with whipping, pegging, facesitting, feet worshiping, and CBT. And there’s a lot of homemade amateur femdom from China in the collection. 

The Site Isn’t Messy, Just Asian

The sheriff was a bit confused when he got on SexAsia at first. Besides all the strange writing, the design of the interface was nothing like the porn tubes he usually visits when polishing his riffle. That’s because the site was built for an Asian audience, and that’s how porn sites look over there. 

But there’s an English version for the interface that can be accessed from a dropdown menu in the left corner of the site under the logo and header menu. And it’s a true English version, not just some automatic translation. Browsing through the content is intuitive, and you get many categories and tags to help you find what you need. Once you find a movie you like and click on the title, you’ll be taken to a new page to get a short description with kinks, genres, and porn star names, plus a link for free download. All the content of this site is only available for download. But at least it’s all in full length. And you’ll have it forever, even if China attacks the west and cuts off our internet cables.


  • Pros

    Full Length

  • Pros

    Uncensored Japanese Porn

  • Pros

Content From Many Asian Countries


  • Cons

    No Streaming, Only Download

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