Sexvid.Xxx Has Everything A Porn Connoisseur Needs

When it comes to sites that have all of their content for free, they usually focus on one kind of media, which is either videos or photo galleries. However, tends to have both, and it’s quiet pleasurable quantities too. The sheriff will tell you something right off the bat, and that is that you will have a fucking good time if you start browsing through this one.

Sexvid.Xxx Has Been Gathering Content For Almost A Decade

With sites like this one, I always like to snoop around how long they have been posting videos, and what I really appreciate with Sexvid is the fact that you can easily go to the last goddamn page. No matter what kind of filter you are using, whether it is by upload date, most viewed, most commented, or top-rated, you can go to the last page of the search filter. The last page of “latest” for videos shows ones that are eight years old at the time of this review, and their quality is actually pretty fucking decent. Well, I’ll be damned…if videos that are so fucking old are decent on this site, the newer ones must be pretty good too, and they actually fucking are.

The Search Bar For Videos Is Fantastic At Sexvid

You folk know I love when the search options are doing the job they are intended for. I mean heck, we all know that looking for porn on Google is pretty bad, so if the search options that are dedicated for the site are shit, why the fuck would you even have one, right? Luckily, the one at SexVid is fantastic. The moment I started typing something in, I got a bunch of suggestions. Those suggestions weren’t something random, either. They actually made sense to extend my keyword and suggested the most popular combinations with it. There were also different suggestions for a category and a pornstars page. Yes, this site also has a pornstars page where you can find a generous amount of information, as well as all the videos that the pornstars is in on the site, galleries too…that’s some good fucking shit. I love it.

The Gallery Section Is There But Seems Unfinished

Do not get me wrong, there are thousands of galleries to go through, but the reason why I am implying that they are unfinished is that even if the search options for videos are astonishing, it is completely the opposite for galleries. In fact, there are no photo suggestions for photos when you search for something, and the only way you can do it…to some shitty degree, is to go to categories, then select photos, and then choose the category to “filter” things down…kind of. Being the porn sheriff, galleries remind me of wanted posters, and I certainly enjoy browsing them. Now, having some kind of shitty limitation on how I can browse them is something that I would definitely arrest these mofos for if I had the chance. However, besides that nitpick, everything else on Sexvid Is dandy.


  • Pros

    "Thousands Of Free Videos And Galleries

  • Pros

    Great Search Options For Videos

  • Pros

    Decent Pornstars Pages


  • Cons

    Some Ads

  • Cons

    Search Options Don’t Include Galleries

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