Revolting and deranged – SGvideo for scat fetish non-starters 

If you are over 18, you can enter, a site where you will find scat vids, big turd scenes, scat slaves and scat play moments… We don’t want kiddies to get all traumatized, do we? And not just kids, this place is not for everyone, especially not for those whose stomachs get churned easily. If you do like stomach-churning porn like scat fetish porn, you will love SG-video! Dirty pussy and messy anal flicks, scat blowjob whores, pee in her pussy scenes, scat princess and shit and cum moments galore, and much more – expect this from SGvideo. SGVideo is not for starters. No, if you want to enter this site, you need to be a part of this world, you need to be pretty familiar with this whole scat fetish concept. Here you will see human toilets, and do you know what they are? These are men and women, trannies who eat shit and drink piss and vomit, they eat their own feces or the ones of their sex partners. They either eat excrement or they smear their faces and bodies with it. Yes, that is part and parcel of scat fetish porn, and only if you think you can handle it will I give you a green light to visit this site. You are a loser, mofo, but you are still someone I care about. After all, I do write these reviews for you, even though they sometimes deal with sick stuff. If you ask me, I would never waste my time on sites like SGvideo, but this is not my fetish, it’s yours. You can do whatever you want, and don’t expect me to hold your hand, you fucker! 

Dirty pussy and messy anal flicks 

That’s right, you have plenty of those here on SGvideo. This is a site for those who like watching these human toilets get humiliated. But first watch the Human Centipede and then you decide if you want to visit this site, OK? If you can handle that movie, know that this site is way fucking dirtier! This is one of the most squalid corners in the industry, with so many girls rimming and eating poop videos. Porn stars eat poop, amateurs eat poop, teens and milfs eat it, men eat it… When has poop become so fucking yummy?? With so many scat slaves, there will always be sites this fucked up, and you would be surprised to see how popular this category is. Well, if you like it, maybe you won’t be. After all, if you are into this, you can get others who also are, can’t you? They don’t really have a cornucopia of categories, but they do offer some diversity. I think you will see a dozen of them, which is enough for such a narrow niche. What’s cool about this place is that you can also do porn here. You can film yourself eating poop and upload it and earn a buck that way. Please also check our reviews on brutal invasion and hellofbdsm


  • Pros

    A great fetish site for scat lovers

  • Pros

    Many videos with hot starlets


  • Cons

    It's too fucking sick for my taste

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