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Obtaining the status of the porn sheriff means that I need to know everything that adult entertainment has to offer, and that also includes shemales. Not gonna lie; at first, I felt a bit threatened to watch some hot babes having a bigger cum gun than me, but the more I watched, the hotter they got. When it comes to, you will get all kinds of shemale porn videos, both the good and the bad, but let’s go into it in a bit more detail.

Sheshaft Has A Strange Design

The very first thing I noticed, or well, the first thing besides stunning hotties displaying their towering meat poles on the thumbnails of the videos on the homepage, is the fact of how strange the design of is. It does not look outdated, but at the same time, it looks so claustrophobic. It has a semi-advanced search engine which can be revealed by the 3-bar-hamburger button next to the logo. You can filter various tags and see popular ones, and one thing I fucking love more than anything is that you can turn on dark mode. Nothing is as bad as watching porn at night on a website that is completely white, and while does start out that way, you can turn it black. I am not sure why dark mode is not default, but whatever. There is also the classic menu that has a few drop-down options that can help you filter categories, videos by upload date, rating, most watched, length, and porn stars. All in all, I love the way you can filter videos on, but the thumbnails are just too big, like the cocks which some of the shemales are packing.

Ads Might Ruin The Experience

While all the videos on are completely free, which makes a certain amount ok…the number of ads might be a bit too high. Not only are there ads when you play and pause the video, but they are also on the side of the player and below it too! I fucking hate this shit, and like I always say, mofos who run this many ads should be arrested.

Sheshaft.Com Video Quality Is Not The Best

Despite the fact that there are thousands of videos at sheshaft, what might make a lot of people stay away from this site is the fact that the quality of most videos is atrocious. Next to all the filters that the site has, it does not have a way to filter out content that looks like absolute garbage from something that looks decent. The reason behind that is that some videos which are clearly 480p are marked as HD. Of course, this might deceive some people, as the player does not allow the change of resolution, but it will not deceive me. I know when something is looking like shit and when the HD tag is just slapped on. Considering that finding good shemale content can be quite a challenge, might not be that bad to check out if you have a kinky for babes with cocks. Otherwise, I would not recommend it.


  • Pros

    Thousands Of Shemale Videos

  • Pros

    Easy To Browse


  • Cons

    Annoying Ads

  • Cons

    Video Quality Is Mostly SD

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