A Questionable Free Tube With Lots Of Pornos On ShuffleSex

Let me start by saying that is one odd website, that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It surely wasn’t mine. But sheriff knows that we all have different standards, so let me give you the gist of what the heck ShuffleSex has to offer.

Bad Design And Too Many Ads/Pop-Ups

First of all, who the frick was in charge of that design? There are no proper browsing options, the overall layout is bad, and the videos are very random. All you get is a list of popular categories and a search box that does not really function properly. Now, I am not saying that the content isn’t worth your spunk, what I am saying is that I will not be donating mine. Whenever you click on a video, you are greeted with an ad or a pop-up… or both. There are too many pop-ups, that it is easy to lose track on which site you are supposed to be. Also, your ad-block won’t do much, which was quite a bummer. 

Some Fap-Worthy Videos On

The content on is pretty great, but my patient is so thin, that I did not really want to spend much time here. Expect to see a huge variety of niches covered, with very limited search options. The clips are mostly offered in LQ, which is to be expected… 

Is ShuffleSex Worth It?

It depends; how much time do you have? If you do not mind spending a lot of time getting rid of ads and closing the pop-ups, then you might as well browse through Shuffle Sex. The website has a lot of amazing porn videos, but personally for me, the overall design and annoying ads kill my boner every single time. But, since the site is free, you can stay and enjoy yourself until you run dry. 


  • Pros

    Many Niches Covered.

  • Pros

    Both Amateur And Professional Pornos

  • Pros

    Free Content.


  • Cons

    Too Many Ads And Pop-ups.

  • Cons

    Some Deleted Videos.

  • Cons

    Very Messy

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