R/sissy - a steamy sissygasm subreddit you have to learn about!

What is a sissygasm? If you type r/sissy, sissygasm, amateur sissy, reddit sissy or sissy tan lines, you will open a sexy little sub on Reddit called like this. But not many people know what this is. Maybe that is why the community is small here. Unlike some subs that have millions of members, this one has 100k of them, which is not too small, but also not too big. Sissygasm is when someone has an orgasm from a dildo or a strap-on. It sounds like something I would never fucking try! To let a bimbo slam my ass with a strap-on? I don't fucking think so! I am never ever experiencing that! But hey, if you are a babe, or a dyke who wants to get penetrated anyway, that sounds like something decent. Right? What do you think about it, mofo? Is this something you would try with your GF? If you ever find any, that is. We all know ladies don't really fight over you. But don't worry, it's nothing you are missing out on. I know how it looks like when bitches fight over you, and it's only sexy if you haven't already banged them all. If you have, there's nothing exciting there, you have already seen it all and why waste time on the same story again? The sheriff always likes new bitches, so he only bangs sluts one time! It's a one-time deal for me, and I never repeat myself with the ladies.

A bunch of sex stories

So, Sissygasm subreddit is actually only a story sub. Here you can read some sex stories written by amateurs, or the members. They come here, write about their experiences and others can read and compare them to theirs. It's a cool sub for those who like reading these things. Personally, I am more into pics and vids, where you actually get to see some sissygasm scenes. I don't fucking hate this, I just don't really have time to read all these boring stories. Maybe they are not boring, but who wants to read 500-word texts about someone's sex experience? Give or take. And more importantly, who would want to share that on their social media? It's just fucking unusual. It's not something the sheriff is used to. But maybe we will give them a chance. Diversity is definitely a plus, and why not add this little sub to my collection? I guess not everyone only prefers photos and videos. I see some interesting titles here, like 'ate my own cum' or 'I trimmed my surprise'...These sound promising. So, basically, people write about their sissy sex experiences, and then the meat of this sub are the comments of others who tell them things like 'good girl' or 'eat your cum more often'. This is just priceless! I have never seen anything like it. I just don't fucking know how only 100k people have become members of this sub in 12 years.


  • Pros

    You can read sex experiences of others

  • Pros

    It's an unusual subreddit


  • Cons

    No content, just people chatting

  • Cons

    Not many people know what sissygasm is

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