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Skipthegames shows you the way to excitement 

Greetings my fap lover! How's it hanging these days? I can tell that you've been seriously dry lately, otherwise, you wouldn't be here 24/7! What can a guy do about it? Yeah, I read you fucker like an open book. Looking for a hot escort? As pathetic as it is for me to hear (because I don't need to look for a good time, it always pulls my sleeve), I can understand your urge. Luckily for you, somehow you ended up at the right place at the right time, because what I'm about to recommend will blow your mind! Guess you just want to skip the games and hear what I have to say about a site called like that! Let's get straight to business – at the moment is your best pal! You won't find numbers of hoes here, but you will find sites where this is possible. This little devil will always direct you to other sites that provide actual escort services. There you can get in touch with whoever is (un)lucky to end up fucking you. There's someone for you here, don't lose your hope! Even though I get more sex daily than you will in your lifetime because chicks are literally begging me to fill their furburgers, I admit I did have my pleasure with Hudson Valley escorts, Albany escorts, Albuquerque escorts and Akron escorts. This stuff is fun! The site is called like this because these chicks mean business, no games, just fucking! 

Find what makes you hard with no sweat 

Now that I gave you the proper introduction, let me continue with the good news! You'll be pleased with the site’s navigation, it's easy to use and most importantly you won't be irritated by annoying ads you usually come across on most sites. Basically, you just snoop around and look for locations and features that you want. Let's say you want fuck fun with the Muskegon escorts or Harrisburg escorts and what particularly turns you on is a certain race or hair color – you can filter those preferences and narrow the selection. Speaking of preferences, I filtered the blonde MILF while looking for escorts in Sarasota and the options were pretty gratifying. No one will be underwhelmed when seeing these potential fuck mates. Let me tell you, now that I think of it, my next trip is to Colorado Springs, so I just might fire up my orgy with a scrumptious Colorado Springs escort, and anyone who is open to joining us. As you can guess, the sheriff always finds his fuck mates fast, I just need to appear somewhere and the chicks go wild! Everyone wants the piece of the sheriff, and who am I to say no to these delightful bimbos? And before we conclude, maybe skipthegames isn't number one when it comes to advanced filters, but the ones they do have will be more than enough to help you find fucking awesome broads that make you cum in ways that you currently crave. 


  • Pros

    Sexy escorts from everywhere

  • Pros

    Easy to use site


  • Cons

    No many filters

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