The Sheriff Enjoys All The Virtual Cumsluts From The Slut Selector Game

If you play the Slut Selector game, you will see how it’s like to be a sheriff and to have the power of fucking any broad in your town. There are just as many sluts in these game as there are cows at the ranch. And you can fuck them all. Not only that, bucko, but you will also get to change things about their looks and make them resemble broads you already know. Always wanted to fuck your lady boss, your friend’s wife or even your friend’s daughter? Well, with Slut Selector you can customize virtual chicks to look like real ones. 

Choose, Personalize And Then Fuck The Hottest Sluts Of The West

Slut Selector is one of those games that will let you customize your cumsluts in so much detail. You will start from ready-made skins and then you can modify so much about them. Change the size of their tits, their ass shape, their body type and even height and weight. Make them wear all kinds of hoe outfits and dirty uniforms, have their hair changed and even modify their facial traits. You can also alter their personality, which will change the way they will fuck you. Make them more submissive or more dominating, cum thirsty and wild or scared good girls who will cry when you fuck their asses. 

The whole customization process is fun, because the graphics are interactive. And then there’s the gameplay. Everything is in POV, so that you will feel like you’re the one in the virtual universe enjoying all the action. You can have the sluts do the work or you can pin them down and fuck them yourself. There’s so much gameplay liberty in Slut Selector that you will be able to personalize everything about your sex experience. That with the outfits, uniforms and even the role play options can satisfy so many kinks and fantasies. 

Graphics, Sound And Compatibility In Slut Selector

I’ve played lots of games, some with better graphics, some with good sound, and some that could even be played on a new fridge’s touch screen. But no game has all three qualities. You get amazing graphics with Slut Selector. Even though the characters retail some of their virtual aspects, they feel realistic through smooth movement and anatomically correct sex positions. But the game also takes advantage of the virtual world to offer you a crazy big cock that could never fit inside of a real woman as it fits inside these gorgeous sluts. And when you stretch them to their limits, they will scream. The screams of joy when they squirt and the screams of pain when you abuse their holes are different. And you can hear in their moaning that they’re close to cumming on your dick. This whole advanced sex gaming experience is coming on both computer and mobile, through any browser and for free. 


  • Pros

    Complex Character Customisation

  • Pros

    Active Gameplay And Worship Mode

  • Pros

    Some Famous Character Skins


  • Cons

    No Story, Just Sex

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