Smutstone Had Me Playing A Nerd Game For The First Time

When Hearthstone came out, everyone in this town forgot about jerking off, and they were just playing that nerd game. I had to make a law banning that game. But they got me good this time. Some fucker came out with Smutstone, a Heartstone porn game, and then the town folks started playing it all day again. But at least they were jerking off too. And they got me playing it as well. I’m not gonna lie. It’s pretty fine. It’s a good thing that Smutstone doesn’t come with a porn game download button. When I get bored of this game, and I want the rest of the town to stop, I’ll just shut off the internet. 

A Visual Novel Story With Some Interactive Gaming Waiting For You On

This game is not as boring as Heartstone. The creators combined the card battle gameplay with an exciting visual novel. To be honest, I mainly played the game for the visual novel. I don’t care about the card battle part. However, I do love the design of the bitches on the cards. The decks feature all kinds of elves, demons, fairies, and even Disney princesses. All of them are featured as cumsluts, with their asses and pussies out and with big tits. But if you are into Hearthstone, you’ll enjoy this game. It has some complexity, and it will give you the chance to edit your decks. You can level up your card slut heroes, and you can go for different strategies. A deck can hold seven cards, and you will be able to save three different decks. There’s some complexity in the card battle element of the game. Even though the first card battles are pretty boring because they are too easy, the challenge picks up the more you play. 

The visual novel will keep you engaged throughout the gameplay. Everything starts when a stripper is sucked through a portal into fantasy land by an evil witch. In your attempt to help her, you’re sucked through the portal too. Your first opponent is the witch’s sidekick. Once you defeat him, you’ll unlock a sex scene with the stripper. After every battle, you will get to fuck someone. But only if you win. 

The Smutstone Game Graphics Are Outstanding

Some fuckers spent a lot of time coming up with this game. The designs for the characters and all the details on the card slut heroes are astonishing. But what the sheriff loves the most is the style of the visual novel. They made it look like a comic book, with the lines of the characters written in dialogue bubbles. Usually, games like this come with anime graphics, but this one is made in a purely American style. 

The main character is a lad of the sheriff’s taste. He has a big dick and a badass attitude. There’s a lot of anal, rough sex, and bondage throughout the story. Pretty violent, but not enough for the Sherrif. The game turned me on for extreme sex, and I had to go over and quench that thirst with the BDSM Simulation game. I still came back to finish the story, but the extreme sex wasn’t extreme enough for the sheriff. 


  • Pros

    Great Visual Novel Story

  • Pros

    Complex Gameplay

  • Pros

    Awesome Graphics


  • Cons

    Not Violent Enough

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