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Amateur sex and orgasm videos... Ha ha, they are funny, not knowing how to spell freaking orgasm! This is what you will read when you visit Solo Touch. But this is not something that deserves the whole site to be spitted on. On the contrary, this is a hot little fucker, where you will find free sex stories. If you land on the main page of Solotouch, you will find delicious female masturbation stories, some nude family stories, first ejaculation stories, wetting panties stories, sometimes an odd but juicy ballbusting story, plenty of incest stories, and even some cool and intoxicating mind control porn stories! Does it sound like your type of porn? Sex stories should sometimes replace that mainstream dirt, this can be your breath of fresh air. I guess people who are more too-clever-by-half will be more prone to spending time on sex stories sites instead of visiting PornHub or Naughty America. But everyone can be a pretentious piece of ass! If you also want to impress and learn some new dirty slangs, something to use to inflame your fuck buddies later, you can visit because these stories are always bountiful in light of smutty, sexy phrases and lexemes. I am a sheriff, but writing is another passion of mine, so I appreciate a good read. And since porn is something I fucking adore, just imagine my enthusiasm to actually read stuff from sex stories sites! Yeap, mofo, sites like Solo Touch are pure gold to me. 

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You will definitely feel a pressing desire down there when you read a story from Solo Touch. You can send a story to your coitus mate to make her all tingly down there, and you can be throbbing together! Learn from your sheriff, mofo! Even I was not born smart, I had to read and experience a lot of things to become such a successful and prolific fucker! Sites like Solo Touch are inspiring and you will always have something interesting to read and satisfy your kinks. Whether you like first ejaculation stories, or wetting panties stories, the site is diverse enough, so you will find your fetish, my nasty fucker! The design is not much, I have to admit. But don’t be a nit-picking prick, just be pleased with what they crafted in such a short notice... At least it looks like something that didn’t last long. But these are not sites that promise high production values or anything, this is a just a free sex stories site where you have amateur babes who share their talent with us. You will have a lot to read here, and they do offer some categories that should help you find your favorite smut. Sometimes you have an amateur photo with a story, which is disgusting and sexy at the same time. It’s terrible when you see a fat hairy loser naked, but it’s awesome when you see a sexy cooze! 


  • Pros

    Free and sexy

  • Pros

    Categories and diversity

  • Pros

    Amateur stuff

  • Pros

    Creative writers


  • Cons

    No complaints from the sheriff

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