This Sonic Parody Has Magic In It, Mofo! 

I’ve seen so many parodies, some good and some bad. And I can usually figure out if a sex game parody is going to be good based on the characters of the original story. Sonic doesn’t have too many conventionally hot characters. So, I didn’t give it a second thought. But I’ve heard some of the cowboys talking about it at the saloon. And I had to give it a shot. And a shot I gave it. A cumshot that is, mofo! This game is good. They found a way around the fact that Sonic and all those bitches don’t have too much going on for themselves to make cocks hard. They’re just some cartoon characters with oversized heads. So, they oversized everything on the studs and bitches in this game. Oversized tits and dicks, asses and pussies, and some mega cumshots to go well with everything. And the gameplay is entertaining too. You must try it!

A Gameplay Challenge And A Fun Sex Session

They really worked hard to make this game interesting, and they’ve done it. Before we get into all the sex gameplay that you can have in this game, let me tell you about the other part of the gameplay. I’m sure you’ve played the Sonic games on the GameBoy. Or maybe you’re younger and you’ve played similar games, such as Temple Run or Train Surfer. Well, the first part of the game in Sonic Parody is like that. You’ll have to run some levels, making a good time and gathering points. The points come as cock rings. Get it? Because in the original game Sonic had to collect rings?

Anyway, the more cock rings you collect, the more characters you unlock. You start with Sonic, and then you move to Knuckles. They are the ones with whom you’ll fuck the bitches. Play the game right and you will fuck Amy Rose, Rogue the Bat, Blaze the Cat, and you can even creampie Cream the Rabbit. At the end of the game you get to unlock a special character if you want. It’s Sonic’s good old friend Tails, and in this game he’s a cute little sissy trap in panties and with a cock cage. 

Crazy Graphics Making The Whole Thing Interesting

Some parody games are reinterpreting characters in a very realistic manner. Other sex games are true to the original design of the game. But in the Sonic parody sex games they take things to new extremes. The game is coming with some crazy designs. As I said, they made all these characters sexy by oversizing their boobs. But even though they made the hotties more cartoonish than they are, the big boobs and massive asses are an appeal to our deepest fantasies. On top of that, the movement engines in the game are excellent. Those massive jugs are bouncing and jiggling in maddening ways. And don’t even get me started on all the cumshots and cumplay. I’m not usually wrong, but I did misjudge this game. Sonic Parody made me cum hard! 


  • Pros

    Interesting Porn Reinterpretation

  • Pros

    Challenging Gameplay

  • Pros

    Sissy Trap Sex Scene


  • Cons

    Multiplayer Gameplay Is Missing

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