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Numerous videos on Spanking Tube that are delicious!

Caning and whipping, BDSM, handcuffs... I am just looking at Spanking Tube and I see some pretty kinky stuff here. This site is perfect for bitches and bastards who like it BDSMy. Well, this might not be a legit lexeme, but I will fucking use it to make my point. This black little fucker of a site has tempting thumbnails, with loads of sluts who like it painful. I see some red ass cheeks here, and this is not rosy cheeks red, it's more like aubergine purple! Whoever whipped this dick sucker wanted her to suffer, that's for sure! Hard thrashing from daddies, flexible hotties bending over to receive their butt stroking sesh, rude stunners who get punished for their behavior - the titles say it all! They are not too wow and enticing, but they do the work. Some of them are rather short, but I guess the focus should be on the scenes, not on titles. The sorting options show you the featured videos first, then you will see the ones being watched at this very moment, followed by the newest shit. I am pretty pleased with the menu bar, where you have videos, photos, models, blogs, categories, community and some buy clips fuck. You are a fucking cheapskate, so this won't interest you, so I won't even talk about that. The site has 24298 videos! This is a big fucking number, which means you need to buy a shitload of tissues and start your fapping journey.

The overview - what's hot and what's lousy here?

The photos are pretty good, actually, considering these are amateur bastards and sluts. I see grandpas and grannies, but I also see young bimbos who are cum-thirsty and wild. I don't only see a bunch of purple asses here, I also see nipple pinching and shit like that. You will see when a gallery was posted and you can rate it. Some of these sets actually have 5 stars, which means motherfuckers are really into this stuff. The model section is pretty useful - you see a model you want to jerk off to and you can click on her pic to open a page filled with her clips! It's fucking phenomenal! Sluts like Ashley Lane show you some steamy paddle moments, with other stunners or some dominant dudes who think they are studs. They should see how I do it, now that's a macho man! Blogs is a shitty section here. I don't really see anything juicy, no nudes, no interesting articles, just some community members chatting, or whatever this shit is. They can't boast about having too many categories, either. What I do like, though, is that every category has a number of videos you can find under it. Spanking is the most prominent here, with over 12 000 videos, while other categories have a couple of thousand or hundred of videos. The community is pretty active. They post their own nudes of red butts, and they leave comments, chat and shit like that.


  • Pros

    Over 23 000 spanking videos

  • Pros

    BDSM content

  • Pros

    Active community

  • Pros

    Good organization


  • Cons

    The blogs section is too boring

  • Cons

    Only a few categories

  • Cons

    Nudes of grandpas in front of mirrors (yuck!)

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