Ladies Squirting And Almost Dying From Pleasure!

Squirtalicious… I like a good porn site name, and this one is just too juicy! I get so hard from just seeing the name, and god knows what waits for me when I enter the website! So, as you can see, this one is going to be all about the ladies, their Os more precisely. Squirting ladies who know how to cum so hard that they almost die. I actually have a lady friend, who told me that once she had an O so big that she couldn’t breathe for a lot of seconds! It was so good, but terrifying at the same time! Yes, mofo – that is what I do to my ladies – I make them scream from pleasure and I almost make them die! But these orgasms are worth it! Here on Squirtalicious, you will see so many sexpots, eye candies with a lot of sexual energy. These are confident, seductive young and mature girls who know how to indulge their fuck buddies and themselves. Not every girl knows how to squirt, but those who do are insanely hot! Here every girl in the video will squirt, and it just looks so damn tempting! 

The Content I Like, The Design Is What I Hate 

In light of the content and all the vids and DVDs, I have no complaints. They have 288 hours of fapping material, and they have 161 DVDs! It’s fucking remarkable, but I am not too impressed because I like sites with millions of videos the most! Still, don’t be a picky bastard and just appreciate what you have! They also have over 300 pornstars, bitches who are cum thirsty and they like tasting their own juices as well. But the design… Kill me now! It’s not modern at all! It’s shitty because they don’t have video previews and nothing looks very impressive. Ok, is the content all that matters? If is it, than these bitches do their job well! If you like everything to be perfect, though, you will be very underwhelmed with the presentation and layout. They don’t even have categories, for fuck’s sake. You just have scenes and DVDs, and a tab for performers. 

Not Top Starlets, But They Aren’t Bad Either 

When you go to their sluts, you will see some mediocre wannabes who will never star in flicks on X Videos Red and other first-class websites. These chicks are not ugly or anything, they are just not famous enough! They are not crème de la crème, but I wouldn’t say they were not talented. They do know how to tease and please, and they look hot in these scenes. You will also see some bald bastards who also perform, their male stars. Who the fuck needs them?? These pricks think they are better than me, but they should see my missed calls! Hundreds of missed calls daily, from all the bitches I have fucked already! But you know what? They can have these sluts who are their co-stars.


  • Pros

    Crisp HD Stuff

  • Pros

    Prices Are Ok

  • Pros

    Performers Are Ok

  • Pros

    Many Squirting Divas


  • Cons

    The Design... Just Look at That Disaster!

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