Star Hoes Is The Game All You Space Nerds Were Waiting For

Ok, I might be a space nerd too, because I really dig this game a lot. In fact, it was because of this game that I started watching the entire Star Wars saga. And because of it, I watched it with a hard on the entire time. I had to take breaks from watching the movies just to play the game on my phone and jerk one out. But it was fun and I suggest you do the same. Star Hoes follows the adventures of cumslut Rey from the latest Star Wars trilogy. This saga needed a proper cumslut and now they have one. The many adventures that she has as a complete ho across the galaxy are going to make you cum hard. Let’s talk about it!

Star Hoes Is One Of The Best Porn Parody Games I’ve Seen

The creators of this game surely knew that there’s a huge pool of horny fans who are going to play their finished product. They also knew that the fans of the Star Wars are not duped easily. They smell bullshit from a mile away, and they would have trashed this sex game if it was anything less than perfect. So they made it perfect. First of all, I want to talk about how hot Rey is in this game. She was modelled after Daisy Ridley, the actress who plays the role in the latest Star Wars trilogy. They took some of her bikini pics and ran them through AI to give us the most legit rendition of how her naked body would look like. With perky tits, a nice tight ass and a pussy that can take a pounding, Rey gets completely ravished in this game. The gameplay offers so many sex scenes. You have solo masturbation action in which you can help her have some amazing orgasms, even using the handle of her light saber. There’s a sex scene in which she gets fucked hard by Kylo Ren. You can enjoy her in a gang bang with Stormtroopers who are covering her in fresh jizz. And talking about Stormtroopers, you can be sure that she’s in an interracial sex scene with Finn. 

Star Hoes Has The Best Porn Game Graphics I’ve Seen

You know that the sheriff knows all the porn games worth playing. And let me tell you something, mofo! This game sure comes with the most realistic graphics I’ve seen. Even though the action takes place in space, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, it looks like the babes and dudes in the game are in fact from a cosplay porn movie. The attention to details, both when it comes to the anatomical design of the pussies and cocks, and when it comes to the gear and uniforms of the characters, is unmatched. This is by far the best Star Wars porn experience that you can have on the web. 


  • Pros

    Lots Of Sex Scenes

  • Pros

    Amazing Graphics And Game Physics

  • Pros

    Dialogue And Sex SFXs


  • Cons

    Doesn’t Have Slave Leia

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