StripChat gives you bitches from all sorts of places

A cornucopia of hot international sluts, the Lovense toy that makes bitches scream, VR cams, zero ads, private video chats... What do you think about all this? Are you interested to see more? Hear more? Learn more? Here is a site for you, horny bastard - StripChat. Maybe you have heard of it before, maybe you live under a rock and you still don't know who these folks are, but hey, you are lucky I am here - the all-knowing macho man who can tell you all you need to know about porn. Today I will only focus on StripChat, and trust me, you do want to know more about this place. If you like your sex experiences more immersive and interactive, why settle for regular porn sites, when you can enjoy live sex shows? And these are not just mediocre shows... Here the bitches are crazy, they are crazy horny and they are crazy kinky. They will do anything to make you cum, please you, tease you... You get what I mean? And since you have so many lusty hotties here, you can filter your results. Choose by age, ethnicity, body type, country... Really, you have so many options, and if you like Asian grannies with perky tits, they will be here to find. And if you have specific kinks, you can even choose by category. Not all bitches here do the same things, some of them are really disturbed, which is kind of hot because who doesn't like a little bit of BDSM and shit like that?

Lovense lush toy to drive the babes crazy

I do like the layout of this site, that's something I can share with you. The thumbnails don't move, which is a bummer. I like 'em animated, I just like it when I can see the best parts of videos before I even open them. Some sites do have this, so I would like StripChat also gave us something like that, but hey, not all sites have everything. The ladies are stunning, though, and they come from different places, but not a big number of them from North America. If you want to enjoy the site for free, you won't really see all the best parts because these ladies here know how to save the best for the most generous viewers. The more you are willing to give them, the more you can expect them to give you. This never comes as a surprise, does it? If you know what Lovense lush toy is, this is a fun aspect of the site. You can tip the babes and they will use it, so you can be the very reason they reach the climax in such a fun and arousing way. You are the one who controls the vibration and the more money you give, the better setting you choose and the babe will go insane. From low to ultra-high, you don't need to give them everything right away. Mix it, make them scream, tease them... After all, they do it with you. They also tease and tease, these bitches do deserve to be punished, but also pleased. Look at me, all so BDSMy!

Is everything about this site good, or can you expect some flaws?

So, I think you can pretty much decide now if you like the site, or not. Yet, I should also point out that it's not perfect. It comes with some cons, and I will tell you what to expect. Some features are a bit outdated, and sometimes the videos load slowly, which is never a good thing. Also, perhaps the interactivity with the toy could be better. Also, the money... You can pay less and just watch these babes, or you can pay more and chat with them, you know, get to know them... I guess these sluts are more interesting when you get to know them a little bit. You can learn more, their interests, their kinks... Some freaks just need this to feel more connected with the sluts, to enjoy more. If you ask me, I am all about fucking. Ain't nobody got time for sweet talk. But this is a definitely great site, with no ads, with awesome features, a cool design, amazing interface, all the sex bombs you can watch who come from all over the world... I mean, you can even find a slut who speaks your language. Who wouldn't like all this? Check it out and see why I like it.


  • Pros

    Lovense lush toy

  • Pros

    No ads

  • Pros

    VR cams


  • Cons

    Slow loading

  • Cons

    Outdated features

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