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When you strike gold, you go for the jugular! Man is an entertaining site! I landed on it to check out some strip clubs and to see if the site offers insight that's actually of value, and I fucking stayed for the comment sections that people left for the strip clubs! What's StripClubList all about? It's an online directory and a web portal. They review strip clubs from the good ole U.S. of America. Basically, it's a big advertisement site for strip clubs. That's it. If they are any good, they will be there. But wait 'till you read the rest of the review. You'll shit your pants!

What's So Great About This Site?

First of all, it's very minimalistic. You only get like a few tabs that are of concern to you - the actual clubs. There are way too many to browse since there are 50 states in the U.S. I checked out the ones in Delaware and Texas. I entered the clubs, and gosh-o-mighty, these people who submitted their experiences are cold! Cold ass fuckers! They just tell it like it is. This is where the cool stuff happens - in the comments section. 

The first comment I read stated to keep away from 'Lady Bug.' At first, I thought that it was some kind of a spider in the back of the club that lurks around since the club is a dump, but it turns out Lady Big is an actual stripper. The reason one should stay clear of her is that 'She's been confirmed to have hep C.' I lost my shit right then and there laughing. There are tons of comments like this all over the site, and I appreciate each and every one of them deeply and dearly. Only in Amurica!

Is The Site Like An Ad For Strip Clubs?

It is if the clubs are any good. But if they suck, it will cause more harm getting listed on Strip Club List since they attract major traffic from what I can tell. Also, they do the whole SEO and design thing for the clubs if they want. But forget about that. Listen to one of these comments a customer left: 'I preffer white fat trashy gals who show their saggy titty. I love the long snoopy titty!' Well, if that's not classy enough for ya, I don't know what is.

StripClubList Is The Place To Be Listed On

Definitely! If I ever decide to open up my own strip saloon and round up a bunch of harlots to lift up their skirts and show off their knickers to fine hard working gentlemen, I'd definitely want to be listed on StripClubList. At least for the comments section because this is by far the best feedback tool I've ever seen for any club so far. Good job Keep up the good work.


  • Pros

    Filtering based on popularity and rating

  • Pros

    Includes opening hours and perks

  • Pros

    Awesome comment section


  • Cons

    Only lists U.S. based and some Canada clubs

  • Cons

    Lame layout and design

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