Share Your Wife On Swap Smut, Mofo! Your Dad Already Did It

How’s it going, cowboy? How’s your wife? Is she a horny bitch in heat who only likes very hard sex, or is she a prude who always finds excuses for not getting her cunt used? Either way, you can share it on SwapSmut, either to boast with her or to put her dry cunt to shame. This is one of the oldest wife and girlfriend sharing platforms, where legit amateurs from all over the world are exposing themselves. You can have dozens of wankers jerk off to your woman’s naked body. And you can jerk off to that. If she’s into getting shared and used, you can tell her and maybe you find other couples in your area for swinging. And if you do, don’t forget to invite the sheriff to the party. 

Free Homemade Amateur Porn Since 2009!

Damn, I might be addicted to wife pussy from I didn’t even know about this site until last night when a guy from the saloon was bragging about his wife being so appreciated here. I checked to see and I’ll be damned if I closed one eye in the past 24 hours. It’s filled with galleries of photos and videos of real HD homemade porn. Girlfriends and wives from all over the world in anything from solo nudes and masturbation videos and sex tapes with the hubbies to MMF threesomes with strangers on vacation, real cuckold experiences and even hotel room gang bangs. Oh, and as you might expect, there’s so much interracial gold here, with horny sluts uncontrollably cumming on monster black cocks until almost passing out. It’s also a place where you can please your need for extra curves on bitches, because the site comes with lots of BBW wives, since lots of wives are BBWs. 

I’ve browsed through the entire collection of amateur hardcore porn. It goes back to 2009. Now that I think about it, I might have found out about this site two nights ago and lost track of time jerking to wives for the past 48 hours without realizing it. Damn, this collection of amateur pussy is good. And I didn’t even go through the galleries yet. I checked some and they are also great. There’s also lots of solo male content on the site. Some guys share their big cocks to advertise their bull services, others share their caged cocks in panties to advertise themselves as sissies ready to be breed. It’s wild and pervy on the site. Check it out! 

Swap Smut Has An Interesting Way Of Building A Community

When you get on the site as a visitor, you only get 30 seconds of each sex video and just five or so nudes of the galleries. And you need to register for the full thing. The registration is totally free. I bet my horse that more than 50% of men create free profiles on this site in the first 10 minutes of their initial visit. And just because of this little trick, now the site has a massive active community, not just visitors coming, cumming, and going. 

And the genius of the webmasters doesn’t stop here. A VIP membership unlocks VIP sex videos and galleries, usually of genuinely hot wives. And you can pay for it, or you can be gifted with it after you post your own content. This encourages members to make their first upload. The comments from other wankers going off about the nasty shit they’d do to the shared wives are making members upload even more marital smut, with or without the wife’s knowledge. And something tells me that you’re about to do the same. Ain’t you, mofo?


  • Pros

    Real Amateur Wives

  • Pros

    Big And Active Community

  • Pros

    Big Collection


  • Cons

    Site Looks Old School

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