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When you want to find a good porn site, here is what you need from it – to be free, to have an insanely huge collection of smut, to have constant updates, so you always have fresh and new meat to check out and of course, you need tons of categories, right? This is something I like to see, but it doesn’t have to be a free site. But for your miserly ass, I have a free site you can check out if you fap to black porn – Tasty Blacks! Have you ever heard of this site? It can be spammy and the quality of videos vary, but it is still a great site and it fucking deserves to be on my list. Around 10 million other users will agree that this is a hot site! That is why they come back every single month here, and the site has a lot of traffic. According to these jerkers, this is a site worth one’s while. First of all, it’s fucking free, so every penny pincher appreciates it a lot. When you add the fact that you also have so many great xxx flicks, who wouldn’t want a piece of this bitch? You can watch stunning Black sluts getting fucked in their pussies, asses and throats. Whatever you imagine, you will find it here, because they really do have a lot of Black smut! However, this site isn’t really the host of these flicks. This is not a company that produces their own videos, they take stuff from other sites. How do they even find all this smut?? I don’t fucking know, but I am happy about it! 

No registration, just visit the site and watch the movies 

Because this is not a premium porn site and everything here is completely free, don’t expect the content to always be brilliant. You have some HD black porn clips, but you also have a bunch of shitty SD videos. The more you explore the site, the more you will see that they have varied content, and sometimes you will see ebony couples, but sometimes these will be chocolate-vanilla couples. They have categories, and what makes me laugh is how they put ‘ebony’ category before everything else. Why the fuck they need this?? Isn’t the whole site dedicated to chocolate fuck mates? So, this is a big mystery for me, but as long as the content gives me what I want, who fucking cares? The thumbnails here don’t move, so you can’t see the most delicious parts of the video before you open it. But I will tell you right away that the videos are delicious! If you like Black hotties and ebony porn, there is nothing here to dislike. You will also appreciate their variety of sexual themes, things like butt movies and more. They have many MILF scenes, but they also have barely legal skanks who already like it dirty. You don’t need to register to enjoy the flicks. 


  • Pros

    Everything is free

  • Pros

    Delicious ebony porn with Black beauties

  • Pros

    No registration required


  • Cons

    SD content

  • Cons

    Ebony category is unnecessary

  • Cons

    Spammy content

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