A lot of foot stuff on TA Worship 

TA Worship... Another foot fetish site that has to be on this list! I recommend it, mofo! Wanna know why? Well, you are here so you probably didn’t click on this one accidentally. And I am going to dedicate this review to because, in my opinion, this site is worthy of your time! Everyone who likes feet lick and feet cum videos will love this place, due to their rich feet porn collection. You have teen toes, footjobs, foot worship videos, and even Naomi Swann feet stuff here! When you land on their home page, you will instantly see that this site is modern! You have a video montage that shows you steamy scenes of girls licking feet and... smelling them? It looks like it! I get that smelling a pussy can be so addictive and intoxicating, but smelling feet is a bit odd. If you do have a foot fetish, it’s not to you, probably! Here you have so many delicious girls with adorable feet, and they have other babes who stuff their mouths with their toes! You can’t really put a whole foot in your mouth, it’s definitely not convenient like a boner. That is why I like to stick to more vanilla stuff. You know, sluts devour my schlong, not my foot! But these feet lick scenes can be so damn sensual! It’s a weird fetish, but not the strangest one. I’ve seen worse. The more I watch this montage, the more I see bimbos I actually know. For instance, Lili Larimar. This bitch is sick! I fucking like her solo acts and hardcore fuck scenes, and I am happy to see a friendly face. Fro what I see, knowing these hoes or not, they are seductive and lusty! 

So many great sections here! 

Now I am sick of seeing the same scenes again and again, so I just decide to explore the shit deeper. I go to the Join now page because if you aren’t a member and you don’t give them shit, they don’t give you their sluts! Only paying folks can see the goodies here. The prices are reasonable and usual, with the shortest plan of 30 bucks, but the longest (6 months) of 16 bucks every freaking month. You can choose your plan and the party can start! They promise several updates weekly, and if this is true, they are awesome! All the scenes are exclusive, so no copying from other sites and cheating! The videos are long and 4K, which means you have so much crisp feet porn here! You can download these fucks and have them on any device. All devices can be used to enjoy the site, and you even have BDSM feet porn scenes. There are several channels here. Worship, Made to Cum, Tickle & Tease, Tickle Male, Belly and that’s it. It’s diverse, more than I expected before I explored it a little bit. They also have categories (genres) and a model index. 


  • Pros

    Great feet porn collection

  • Pros

    Many channels and genres

  • Pros

    Super-sexy bimbos

  • Pros

    Modern design


  • Cons

    No ads

  • Cons

    Smelling feet is weird

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