The Fappening - up for some softcore celeb porn?

Celebrities... Aren't they yummy? Perky tits, luscious ass cheeks, gorgeous faces, the posture, the confidence... But we can't really see what they are hiding beneath their clothes everytime we want to, no? These bitches don't reveal their tits and private parts like pornstars do! Sometimes they expose their melons and succulent nipples in movies, or they pose for a magazine and show off their asses and tits. But not all of them do it! But hey, there are sites that are actually dedicated to nudes of celebs! Today I will talk about one of these sites - The Fappening! Here you can enjoy celeb nudes and sexy photos, and this is in fact an impressive and stunning selection of celebrities. Most of these sites have a few celebs, and that is simply more than we deserve! Here you have a lot of movie stars, singers, pornstars, models, TV people... But I need to disappoint you right away... Expect mostly softcore porn here. The Fappening has loads of hot pics to feast our lustful eyes, but most galleries are just babes posing in sexy underwear or perhaps naked, but they find a way to hide their hottest body parts! The Fapenning is familiar to some people, but under the name of Celebgate. I don't like it, either. It's just not it... I mean, if you had a chance to jerk to a site called the Fappening, or Celebgate, what name would entice you more? Of course it's the first one!

A blog that has everything you need!

Sometimes celeb nudes simply leak their way onto the amazing Internet, and this is one of the very reasons we fucking love the Internet so much! And if this happens, that shit will be found on The Fappening for sure! We know all these sexy ladies can't wait to get rid of their clothes, make a hot nude selfie or two, play a little... And sometimes we are lucky enough these photos get posted for us to enjoy them! If you think there aren't as many ladies who like to get naked and send their nudes to some lucky bastards, you should see my fucking phone! Bitches can't get enough of pornsheriff ! They share their wildest moments with moi. This is also something famous sluts do. Pardon, famous ladies. No matter how famous and renowned you are, you have a fucking kinky side and the Internet will always find a way to get its hands on your kinky content. And sites like the Fappening make everything easier for us - they collect these sexy pics and clips, so we can just bookmark the site and always have the archive at our disposal. The Fappening is a blog, and it has a clean layout. The interface is very user-friendly, and there's nothing complicated about it. You will like the simplicity. Actresses, sexy athletes, stunning models, musicians - they are all covered on this blog’s fucking master list!


  • Pros

    Loads of celebs

  • Pros

    A clean and nice layout


  • Cons

    Mostly softcore photos

  • Cons

    Not many nudes lately

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