TheLittleSlush is a blog porn site about famous cock slurpers 

Blog porn sites... Why do we like them? Nudes, funny gifs, hottest models, steamiest moments from sex flicks... Sure, there are texts about the porn industry as well, but who even checks this out when we have all the naked women, thirsty for attention?! And we are here to give them what they need! If these women want us to treat them as pieces of meat, jack off to them, and cum because of their succulent melons and round bottoms that are one hundred percent exposed, who are we too deprive them of what they are seeking for so badly? This time I'm here to give you insider info on TheLittleSlush - a blog smut site that deals with pornstars reviews! How cool is that?! With so many dick suckers out there, it's impossible to get your bearings on porn sites - which slut to follow? Whose videos to check out first? Who is the best blowjob giver? Which babes are the hottest anal sluts? Where to head to if I want to see the sexiest bisexual stunners? You know, it's fucking awesome how they crafted a site called TheLittleSlush, to discuss these matters! You won't just know who the hottest pornstars are, you will also know what their specialties are. Every babe is good at something in the porn industry, but if you want to know the creme de la creme of anal porn, lesbian porn, handjob porn - this blog will keep you in the loop. 

Neat little thing with loads of texts 

The site looks neat. I don't see anything here that hurts my eyes, if you want me to be honest. I always expect to stumble upon an issue or something because most porn sites come with cons as well. However, this little fucker is easy on the eyes, and everything looks well-organized. I see they have a lot of posts, which means they are busy little bees. The menu bar is at the top of the page, where it should be, looking nice and minimalistic. So, you've come here for the famous pussies, and some info on them - you have the Pornstars section as the first menu item. Then you will see Porn Ads. This is actually adorable. Instead of slapping us right in the face with boring pop-ups and trashy banners every time we open something we are interested in, they have a special tab for this shit. It's so nice of them, these motherfuckers are fucking thoughtful! They even have the hottest & Best only fans accounts to go and follow! I was super excited for this little corner, I love stroking my monster cock to these slutty babes. God bless TheLittleSlush for supplying the sheriff with 113 of these cumsluts! But anyway if you want to read sexy articles, TheLittleSlush is your place!


  • Pros

    It's Well Organised

  • Pros

    Texts About Your favourite Sluts

  • Pros

    A Fast Site With Fast Loads

  • Pros

    A Special Section For Ads


  • Cons

    No Fucking Porn Movies!

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