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Tiava Comes Straight From Buttenwieser’s Bank Vault 

Damn, this mofo Buttenwieser, the banker in my town, stashes some porn treasure in his vault. And if it weren’t for me saving his ass from the bandits last week, he wouldn’t have shared Tiava.com with me. The mofo was stashing away a porn site with over 55 million videos ready for free streaming. He made me promise not to share this with anybody. But fuck his bald face! This kind of sex tube can make so many horny guys happy. Let’s take a look at what it offers, and then you can lock yourself in your room for the next ten years, jerking off to this collection. 

Tiava Surely Has What You Need 

I don’t care how dirty you think you are, this collection has what you need. To check how extreme this site can get, the sheriff went straight to the BDSM category. And what he found there was straight from a horror movie. There’s a lot of humiliation and painful sex torture in both amateur and professional porn. And there’s a lot of femdom on male slaves as well. Then the sheriff checked the state of the amateur porn. You know there’s a shortage of real homemade content on the web. But this site brings millions of leaked sex tapes with sluts fucked in front of the camera. 

The category list of the site has hundreds of entries for both popular kinks and obscure fetishes. You’ll find very specific categories such as Asians High Heels, Mummification, Triple Penetration, Ruined Orgasm, or a category called Popular With Middle-Aged Adults. On top of that, the site knows where you’re from and recommends videos with bitches from your area. And it even learns your porn habits rather quickly to offer you personalised recommendations. 

Ad-Free Browsing Experience And Third Party Streaming 

The reason for which Taiva has such a massive porn collection is that it’s not a regular porn site. It’s a porn aggregator which pulls together the libraries of hundreds of regular porn tubes and offers them for an ad-free browsing experience in an excellent interface with all the sorting and filtering tools you need. Taiva also has a porn star index with entires for thousands of bitches from all over the world. If you don’t find your favourite porn star in the index, you should just search for her name in the search bar. You will surely get results. 

Once you find a video you like, clicking the thumbnail will open a new tab in your browser that will take you to the hosting porn tube. The hosting tubes can be major ones like XVideos or xHamster, or small niched ones you might not know. However, all the tubes are safe. The sheriff made sure of it. However, you won’t escape the ads on the hosting sites, which sometimes can be videos you can’t skip for 15 seconds. But at least the ad videos are also hardcore porn that won’t soften your dick while you wait. 


  • Pros

    55 Million Videos

  • Pros

    Ad-Free Browsing

  • Pros

    Efficient Browsing Tools


  • Cons

    Third-Party Streaming

  • Cons

    Ads Before Videos

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