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When you've been in the adult industry for as long as I have and fucked as many bitches as I did, you begin to appreciate places like that try to elevate the kinky experience to a new level. As much as I love having my massive boner slobbered on before ramming it balls deep inside a dripping wet pussy or a tight asshole, there's so much more stuff that you can do before exploding with cum on a lustful slut's face. With a self-explanatory name, this naughty porn site offers tickle sex like that you have to see for yourself. Not for the faint of heart, this form of somewhat innocent yet incredibly perverted domination that involves all sorts of tickle punishment will blow the minds of an average porn buff. Imagine a tight girl's body tied up, restrained, immobilised, twisting and turning as the hottie screams in pleasure and laughs, and you're only scratching the surface of what TickleAbuse has to offer.

Sexual Torment And Domination Like You've Never Seen Before!

When turned on, your body can endure so much and turn it all into pleasure. Trust me when I say this because I've been relentlessly fucking the brains out of too many bitches to count. And, even though they aren't able to walk straight or sit properly after I'm finished with their ravaged holes, they always tell me they've loved every second of it. Sexual tickling takes a different approach to the whole ordeal. Speaking from experience, as I've had a tickling girl, she would scream her lungs out, unable to move, as I brought her to one after the other tickle orgasm. There's something perverted about such a tame way to torment someone yet bring them close to insanity, all the while feeling them getting turned on more and more. The longer I was on this fetish website, the more I was into tickle torture. You can only imagine the things I'm about to do to my bitch after wrapping this review up. I'm going to make her beg for my cock while she laughs hysterically. That'll be fun!

There's So Much High-Quality Porn to Watch!

The fantastic thing about these videos is all the variety that they offer. Every place on a hot chick's body is prone to tickling. From tickling nipples to feet tickling, all you have to do is make sure the slut can't move, and she's all yours. Of course, you can restrain that fragile body by holding it firmly, dominating the bitch even rougher while going all in and watching her lose her mind. On the other hand, if you're into BDSM, some naughty ladies are bondage ticklers. On top of all that, there are dominant chicks who tickle feet of their girlfriends or even submissive guys. Tasha tickle abuse is a renowned series that shows everything from feet worship and sensual licking to relentless tickling that would make a regular person insane.


  • Pros

    Heaven For Those Into Feet And Tickling

  • Pros

    The Kinkiest Fetish Videos On The Web

  • Pros

    High-Quality Videos In All The Naughtiest Genres


  • Cons

    I Wouldn't Just Go For Tickling; I'd Have To Fuck Them Hard As Well

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