Gimme naked celebs, sheriff!

Hey, mofo! How have you been? Have you got laid lately? Probably not, but hey, at least you have my directory to have some fun! Today I will write about topless celebs, daily nudes, nude wallpapers... You don't need to type topless celebrity or something like that on Google, just visit a site called TopNudeCeleb! If a celebrity got naked at one point and took a photo of her hot nude body, trust me, that pic is so going to be on one of these sites, or all of them! Thank god, today the Internet gets its hands on fucking everything! Wanna see an adorable baby monkey peeling off a banana? It's on the Internet! Wanna see some gory images of a drug addict killing a mother of three with a fucking samurai sword? I mean, I've seen some of that shit online! It's fucking crazy! So, if you can find pretty much everything, why wouldn't you be able to find nudes of Gena Miller and some other famous bimbos? So, instead of searching for hours, I have a simple solution - TopNudeCeleb, where you have all the things I said earlier - nude wallpapers of topless celeb and really delicious daily nudes. I'm gonna tell you right away that every naked celeb site has plenty of that softcore bullshit! Who wants to see Rihanna in her fucking bra?! Find me a photo of her titties, or else... I'm gonna arrest you, fucker! I'm a sheriff, ain't I? It's my duty to fight crimes like this, and giving me all this softcore crap is a misdemeanor I won't fucking tolerate!

Some content still hasn't leaked!

The site looks Ok, I guess. I mean, would it kill them to make it look more modern?! These blue links and that ancient design for mummies is just not doing the work for me. You have a bunch of tiny thumbnails, for which you need a magnifying glass... The thumbnail will tell you right away which star is slutty here. If the bitch is naked on the thumbnail, expect her nudes! If she is in her clothes, I mean, you're not a fool - you know how these sites work. So yeah, you have plenty of images where celebs are just in their bikinis, underwear or some skimpy clothes, but all of this is not good enough! If I don't see titties, I don't fucking care how breathtaking that provocative dress makes her look. A cool thing about this place, though, is that they have categories! You can choose upskirt, nipples, singers, supermodels, bikini... Who would choose 'bikini' anyway? But you have it here, which is pretty awesome. There is a search bar and you will see what hotties are popular this week, which keeps changing. The site is obviously good enough to be on my list, but I am not gonna lie - more nudity here would be splendid! I know these stars have nudes somewhere... They just need to leak! And when that happens... I will be fucking here to write about it!


  • Pros

    Nude celebs

  • Pros

    All babes we know

  • Pros

    They have categories


  • Cons

    Too much bikini shit

  • Cons

    Not all celebs here are naked

  • Cons

    Ancient design look

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