Transexjapan Is A Tranny Porn Site, But Also An Asian Porn Site

 They say the finest Japanese transsexual porn site is TranSexJapan! I hate this fucking site name, it’s inconvenient for me to type it! But do I hate the site and the content? No fucking way! TranSexJapan or even better, Transex Japan is an exquisite Japanese tranny porn site. So, Japanese ladyboy lovers and suckers for good full shemale movies in general, prepare for a delicious ride! We are going to explore this Asian shemale site that you will love! TranSexJapan is all about Asian femboy fucking, and this is where you will compare their femboys to ours! Now, Japanese tranny porn is rare. It’s rarer than tranny porn with femboys from other countries and continents. But, we all like Asian porn, no? I know you do because you visit my beautiful Premium Asian porn sites all the time! We know that Asian folks know how to make good porn. Why would that be different with their ladyboys? A Japanese ladyboy isn’t much different from a femboy from America or some other place. These people know who they are and they are confident about their assets. That is the case in America, Europe and Asia! Now, I don’t know about Africa because to be honest, I don’t know femboys from Africa. At least not those who don’t live on other continents. 

No Recent Uploads? 

The site reminds me of many other Asian porn sites, and not much of American and European porn sites. Their design is different because they use brighter colours, something that looks very mellow. And here they used a shade of brown, but a light one. Everything looks so nice and kinda girly, and it’s not one of those modern and expensive designs I really dig. They don’t have a video footage, no animations… They do have previews of videos, though. When you find their video section, you can hover over their thumbnails and the images will start to move. Woah, how many puckered assholes do I see! It figures. I mean, you can’t really fuck these trannies in the pussy, right? And I see trans creampie and trans bareback scenes on TranSexJapan. I also notice that the videos on the main page are from 2019 and 2020. No 2021. What does that mean? They haven’t uploaded a thing this year? I mean, the year ends in a few days, and they still don’t have content from the last 12 months. And I see they only have 13 videos. 

Buy A Month Here, Why Not? 

Does that mean that you should give up TranSexJapan? Maybe Transsex Japan doesn’t have much to offer, but they don’t have hidden charges and they are discreet. You don’t have to buy their annual membership, but a month here would be fine. It’s around 20 dollars. Maybe they will upload something new in the near future! I do see some exquisite models here, and they all look so feminine. Asian trans porn rules!


  • Pros

    HQ Japanese Trans Content

  • Pros

    a Cute Design

  • Pros

    Ok Prices


  • Cons

    Only 13 Videos

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