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Hi horny fella. Do you prefer professional or amateur porn? Most people are all about pro stars and big studios that work harder than Hollywood, where they all have to shine and look clean. I am more of a real amateur porn kind of guy. The word itself means the lover of something, and I like it when I watch porn with people who are passionate about it, not just filming it for cash only. That's what works for me, so it is no wonder I spend all those hours at True Amateurs. They feature everyday girls going wild as they film the intimate fuck stories with their partners. Sometimes with a few of them at once. But the point is they give you hot but real chicks that fuck all the time and want to share it with the world. But what you see here is all exclusive. This is not some shady guy ripping lousy porn from all the internet, but a premium source of the finest amateur pussy you would wish to see.

They Have All Kinds Of Models

Trueamateurs have been around for a few years and they have refurbished their design in the meantime. But what we have today is an elegant and smooth site that is one of the Sheriff's favourites. When they give me juicy homemade sex videos, I fall in love straight away. I like it how they categorised the content, there are no hundreds of them, but just a few of the most popular ones, based on the hair colour, body features, action and the kind of mess in the end. Simple as that. I love simplicity as it doesn't beat around the bush and I know what I can get. So I can safely say that Trueamateurs is the place for the best amateur porn. And they even have some famous names from the couples that have been giving us insight into their fuck lives over the last years. On the girls' page, there are lists of these hotties, so if you wish to explore further, go there. That is how I met some of the cutest damsels that later went on a date with me. 

I Can Have It In HD

True Amateurs porn provides you with over 360 scenes. But the stuff is original and they give it for your eyes only. I've seen many premium sites that charge you for something they didn't advertise, but as the name here suggests, you do get the best of amateur videos. They update frequently and they make sure to have it all in HD. You can even select 320p in the player if your internet is lagging, but they go to 1080p for those that won't go for less, such as myself. They give you a 7-day free trial, so make sure to check it if you haven't been there yet. But this is the kind of a place you wish to return to. I know I will be back here later today!


  • Pros

    The Chicks And Couples Are Real Amateurs

  • Pros

    They Upload Frequently

  • Pros

    Much More Convincing Than Professional Porn


  • Cons

    Where Do I Sign Up To Share My Videos?

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