Ts Factor Is A Premium Trans Porn Site With Ladyboy Cum Flicks! 

Another Evil Angel project, but this time called TS Factor? Count me in! I am so fucking excited to write about it! You know, lately I have reviewed so many shemale porn sites. But no matter how many of them I write about, I am still not enough of shemale cum fuck flicks! Don’t get me wrong, I have reached a point when I don’t even have to be attracted to something to really enjoy writing about it. Trans cum videos don’t excite me much, but sharing my experiences about them with you? Now, that’s priceless! I know that you like shemale cumshots, and all this ladyboy cum porn makes me rockline, am I right? And don’t worry, I have so many tgirl cum sites on my list, both free and premium! It’s impossible to go a day without these full HD movies! Maybe I have more trans porn sites than I should… People would think that the sheriff is a tranny sex connoisseur! No, I am just a sex connoisseur because you know me, bro, I sleep with someone new every day! But sex is sex, and it’s equally enticing with slutty chicks, gays and ladyboys! It’s all about the energy, not about the monster cocks and sopping wet pussies! Well, maybe it’s a little bit about that too. 

All The Perks, Or Half Of Them For Less Money 

Evil Angel network is all about hardcore porn! They say life is too damn short for softcore shit! Well, maybe they didn’t use these words exactly, but you know me, I like to say shit originally! So, most, if not all sites from this network are very cheap. And just like I expected, their values are too good to miss! They offer a month for 20 bucks, and this is all-inclusive! Streams, downloads, all the perks you will get as a member! If you want a part of the perks, you can pay just 10 bucks and you will have all the streams. They don’t really have 3- and 6-month values. If you really, really like TS Factor, they do have that annual value, which is slightly less expensive monthly. I think that when you buy one site, you get all the sites from the network, which means 60 uploads monthly! I have talked about it in another review, that is 2 videos every fucking day! 

Exclusive Content, Talented Models 

The videos are exclusive and everything here screams high quality. They work with models who are very professional and talented, and… When I say talented, I mean they have the X Factor! Well, TS Factor! They are confident and shameless, and tell me what’s better than that in this industry! Only the raciest sluts here can go far, and if you are a salacious ladyboy, you can do much with this opportunity because femboys are a trend in 2021. And that’s it, the TS Factor review is over.


  • Pros

    Exclusive Content

  • Pros

    Trans Models Who Are Flaming Hot

  • Pros

    Great Values

  • Pros



  • Cons

    Not for Everyone

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