Did You Know That Tube8 Is In The PornHub Network?

The sheriff remembers Tube8 from back in the early days of online porn when the sex tube concept was a brand-new thing. I totally forgot about it, until we chatted at the saloon about the old legend porn stars on which we jerked off too. Mine was Persian Kitty, and it was so long ago that I had to wait minutes just to see the pixelated picture of naked chick. However, this young fellow said that his first porn site was Tube8, and the name brought back so many memories of good wanks on this site. I Checked it when I got home, and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s doing better than ever. Turns out that Tube8 is now part of the PornHub network, together with other sites like RedTube or YouPorn. This explains the similarities in interface design and advertising placement. 

Tube8 Is Indeed A HD Porn Tube, No Bullshit!

PornHub went through a purge in 2021 when they deleted 10 million videos from their collection. Because is part of the same network, they’ve done the same. The process was a great purge, meant to ultimately improve the porn quality on these sites. And in the case of Tube8 it actually worked. There aren’t millions of videos in the library anymore. But the porn is top shelf! It’s all professional porn, from thousands of networks and premium sites which are promoting their memberships through free porn videos on sites like this. 

And they have anything the general public wants. The categories I like the most on this site are Ebony, MILF and Lesbian porn. Although there’s some extra hardcore porn on the site, with piss, anal, DP, gangbang, bukkake and some BDSM, this is not the platform where you come for the very hard sex videos. I have other extreme BDSM recommendations for that. Tube8 is for when you want to beat it to some well-produced HD or FullHD porn, with gorgeous babes and all the popular porn stars that matter at the moment. 

Tube8 Is So Professional, They No Longer Have Amateur Porn

All the elements of this site are working perfectly, and they have tools for all the things you need when it comes to browsing, sorting, and favoriting what you like from this collection. Tube8 has porn from over 5500 networks, sites, brands and production houses. Better organized than most premium networks. 

But there is one thing I hate about this site. Don’t think that I’m sucking their cocks just because they did a great job so far. The thing that I hate is the complete absence of real adult sex videos. There are no cuckold videos from hotels or chicks sucking cock in the bathroom stall at the club. Although the amateur category has over 35,000 videos, there are no real homemade clips in it. All they have are babes and couples who are independent porn stars on PornHub and OnlyFans, recorded private shows with cam models, and reality-themed porn movies from big sites. The great dying of true amateur porno is spreading all across the web. Mark my words, mofo! 


  • Pros

    Immense Collection

  • Pros

    All Porn Stars Trending And Famous

  • Pros

    One Of The Best Organised Libraries


  • Cons

    No Real Amateur Porn

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