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The first thing that I thought about TubeSplash as I visited the homepageā€¦is that this fucking site definitely needs a new splash of paint because the design took me back to the early 2000s due to how outdated it looks. Once the nostalgia wore off, I was capable of realising why there are millions of free porn videos on this site.

Tubesplash is Outdated But Effective

I was not always the sheriff of porn, but luckily, my career as an enthusiast for adult content started a long time ago, even before these kinds of sites were around. With that in mind, I can safely say that the design is a bit outdated, but finding things is pretty fucking easy as the homepage splashes you, no pun intended, with all the available categories. I appreciate that.

Unfortunately, Tube splash is not a tube site

Even if the opening page certainly takes me back, the magic was quickly gone once I realised that this is not a real tube site but, instead, an aggregator site. What is the difference? A tube site collects videos and hosts them directly on the site, while an aggregator site will present the videos on the site, but instead, it will take you to other sites where they are hosted. This is where problems occur.

Careful what you click on

When it comes to some sites that you will be redirected to from, there are some decent ones, some that I would gladly put up wanted posters for due to how good their porn is. However, some of them will bombard you with so many ads that it will make you sick. As a sheriff, I love playing with guns, especially my cum gun, but playing Russian roulette with swarms of ads is something I believe no one enjoys.


  • Pros

    Millions Of Videos

  • Pros

    Easy To Browse

  • Pros

    Everything is free


  • Cons

    Outdated design

  • Cons

    Content is mostly low quality

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