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If I wanted to sign up for a click and wait for nothing to happen course, would be the right choice. C'mon, man, you gotta do better than this! Shaking my head at all y'all! The site has a cool-ass design, cool-ass browsing experience, and all that, and then, they go and fuck it all up with videos that feel like blanks when I go skeet shooting. No, I don't mean cumming on my girl on her face, not that kind of skeeting. Still, TubeXclips is a solid site. It just got my blood boiling once I had to go through all that clicking for nothing.

What Are Some Of Those Cool Ass Features?

They have tons of content. Let me say that differently. They have a shit ton of content! That's why they are so good. They have so many categories that my pointer finger got cramps from all that scrolling. That's the fucking best part about it. Then it all goes downhill from there. I mean, I lost my nerve after like the third click on the videos. I actually wanted to SEE the damn videos and check out the quality. Still, I was constantly getting redirected to either other sites or other categories that redirected me to other sites. It was like I was at a bank, and I just wanted to verify my account, but I got the good ole "let's fuck around with him until he gives up" schtick. I didn't give up, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck you TubeXclips!

How Do You Browse Around The Site?

It's not easy. The search bar that they have is completely busted. Try entering a long-tail KW and see what happens. You will get " can't be reached" 404, and all you can do is try again, just like Aaliyah says. Now, when you have trillions of videos on the site, this might be a slight problem for some short-fused users, such as Sheriff, I might add. To be honest, it took me 11 tries before I got a video to open up, and it was a PornHub one. Yes, a redirect. So, my experience was based all around trying out my patience. For a second there, I started gripping my pistol because I needed to fuck some shit up, but I bought a new computer, so I kind of let it all go.

Would You Recommend The Site?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would. Yes, it gets on your nerves. Yes, it's annoying as fuck. Yes, the redirects can take time, but it has goddamn filthy content! I like that shit. That's the fucking hook they go for, and they got that fucker deep in my lip, and I'm flopping like a Herring trying to get away from this hexed site! The Sheriff has anger management issues to handle, but still, that shouldn't steer you away from It's a site worth a peep. 


  • Pros

    Ad Free Experience

  • Pros

    Countless Categories

  • Pros

    Intuitive And Minimalistic Design


  • Cons

    Disgustingly Bad Search Engine

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