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Just give me free hentai and futanari porn, sheriff! 

And why is the sheriff here if not to investigate awesome porn quarters to recommend the best smut for your favorite niche! I may not be a wish-fulfilling genie, but I do know where to find delicious dirt with hentai coozes! Today I will write about a fucking splendid free hentai manga site, and it’s named UnderHentai! Go to underhentai.net instantly to find new hentai, futanari urethra content and similar items. If you are into futanari porn, these hentai new releases will be a hit for you! When something is gratis, we sure like to delve into it, no? Why not take advantage of free stuff? Even if you are not a big fan of hentai, let alone hentai manga, you can visit this free site to see if there is a kink you might start liking. I was never a big hentai enthusiast because I like to pierce and fap to real pussies, not anime characters that look too unrealistic. But I must confess that I fucking understand why so many losers are drawn to this thing. This is an artistic manner of creating porn, but it’s also weird and authentic, and when you combine these things together, how can you not get something worth exploring? Don’t be a fruit loop, mofo, there are so many things here to take delight in, even though they are not ordinary. You have approximately 70 pages of adult content here, and this is all free hentai manga! 

Expectedly, you have odd categories here 

The site is very basic and simple, I can even say rudimentary because it has only a few tabs and it pretty much all revolves around the hentai manga content. You can message these folks and there is a group chat on Telegram for hardcore fans, which is fucking adorable! You have Index, Releases, Genres, Uncensored, Top, JAV and Random tabs above the thumbnails, and the genres is the tab I feel like delving into now. I like what I see because I see many categories! You have futanari, rape, virgins, ahegao, lactation, bondage, demons, succubus, fellatio, harem, incest porn and more. As you can see, some categories are utterly bizarre and I don’t think many will be enticed by them, but I guess mofos will be interested in seeing what these things are. I don’t find lactation porn sexy, but I am intrigued by it here. They also have paizuri, and for those who are not hentai-literate and hentai-oriented, this is their term for titty fucking. They have Shota porn, which means young boy lovers, and you will also see netorare smut here, a Japanese slang for unfaithful bitches. You can see the content of the last week, month, year or everything! And this is a very abundant site, so you do have shit to see! Their Random tab leads you to a site called network.nutaku.net, but I don’t see anything too exciting about this bitch. Maybe you will, mofo! 


  • Pros

    Free content with various categories

  • Pros

    Artistic and sexy, but childish

  • Pros

    70 pages of hentai manga


  • Cons

    Kinks that are too strange

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