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As someone who's been to every adult, XXX, and porn site on the internet, it is places like VictoriaMilan that make my blood race and my cock throb. Among hundreds of adult social networks, chatting, and meeting sites out there, this one will truly make you feel like the king or queen that you are. It's all about that class, elegance, and luxury that goes before you meet a woman, strip her completely naked and fuck her brains out into multiple intense orgasms. And when I say "a woman," I mean someone else's wife because is a site known for how many married, engaged, or attached people visit it. And I can tell you that a bitch fucks the best when she's cheating on her man. I guess there's something about the risk of being caught or the thrill of them acting like total whores that made any slut I met through this place - before railing her into oblivion - a real sex freak. That should come as no surprise, considering even the signup process is made to turn you on and lure you into something much dirtier and perverted.

Go on a Steamy and Erotic Adventure

Much more than a simple meet and fuck website, VictoriaMilan is all about providing its users with more than a pleasant stay. Instead of going through a tedious signup process, typing in all the required stuff while merely fantasising about that dripping wet pussy you're about to pound, at VictoriaMilan, you do a kinky questionnaire that aims to help give you the most pleasures. In addition to mentioning whether you're a man or a woman, married, divorced, or attached, you also get more personal questions such as whether you're looking for something long or short term, whether you're only curious, and so on. While I was selecting the "schoolgirl who is a bit shy" as a type that interests me, I couldn't help but get a rock-hard boner. Luckily, I already had one bitch over, so I made her suck me off just so that I could focus on the review. After all, I am a professional in the field, and the goal was to experience VictoriaMilan to the fullest.

Easily Find What You Need

Once I made the account with all the necessary information (I couldn't find where to put that I have a monster cock, but you can't win them all), I was ready to dive in balls deep in some stranger chick's pussy. That didn't take long before my feed was instantly filled with dozens of lustful broads, each sexier than the next. Going from one profile to the next is as easy as browsing your favourite social media website. Except here, you get all the essential information on someone you plan on fucking hardcore. Check out their looks, interests, and intentions, realise they are all there to go down and dirty, then chat a chick up and meet her for a banging session.


  • Pros

    Premium Look and Feel

  • Pros

    Incredible Profile Customisation

  • Pros

    Girls from Around the Globe


  • Cons

    Has a Premium Membership

  • Cons

    No More Fucking Cons

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