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The classic porn and vintage erotic videos on Vintage Erotica Forum

Forums... We like them because they are diverse and fun, and if you find a good sex forum, that is even better! Sex forums are great because we have plenty of smutty topics to discuss with people who share our opinions. Here's one I am certain you will enjoy - Vintage Erotica Forum! As you can see, this little fucker deals with vintage smut, so if you like it, you will probably find your inspiration here! Golden ladies used to have funny hairstyles and bushy cunts, but they were still ravishing! Some of them did porn! We are lucky to have these collections on different smut sites today, and you can see how they used to do it back then. Of course, just like any other forum, this one also looks dull when you visit it for the first time. You will see that boring, but familiar blue design with various links and tiny images, but these are the threads that are actually fucking phenomenal when you open them. For example, Classic Pornstars... I am opening it, and I see a fucking pop-up that is large and I hate it! These things should be abolished, I am traumatized and I want them gone forever! When I click the X button, I see some threads: Clips and pics of classic pornstars, Male porn performers and Classic pornstars discussion threads. You probably aren't a retard, you know how forums work. Basically, you have heated discussions where fanatics can express their points of view. Here you have their opinions on vintage porn and golden pornstars.

Gimme the hot stuff, sheriff!

But I know what you want, mofo. You probably aren't interested in stories and texts, you want pussies, right?! You must click your way through the cunts here. The site doesn't hit you with them right away. You need to open things, find the content that you desire. It's not like a porn site where you see the sexy thumbnails the second you come to the home page. No video montage parts, no animated thumbnails that show you the best parts of videos. Here you have a lot of boring-looking text parts. But if you start digging, you will find the classic porn we all like, a lot of juicy vintage erotica content, vintage erotic videos where the hottest golden girls appear in. Since this is a vintage erotica forum, You won't find modern stuff here. And when it comes to the fucking layout, what can I tell you? It looks dated. Most forums do, even though we live in fucking 2021! They could really do something about it, you know? Just because these are not really porn sites, it doesn't mean they can't look like modern smut sites we have today. If you don't tend to visit forums, you will probably be confused. But if you already spend time on other forums, you know what to expect. Just explore the site and you will find what you need!


  • Pros

    Vintage erotic videos and pics

  • Pros

    Gorgeous golden girls

  • Pros

    It's familiar because every forum looks the same


  • Cons

    It looks boring and dated

  • Cons

    You need to explore the site for the goodies

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