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Viper Girls! If you like sex forums with thriving communities of fuckers, you will probably appreciate this little site with a hot name. This is a forum, and it’s pretty old-school. It’s not a tube, it’s not a free or pay porn site, you don’t really have a gargantuan library of stunning xxx flicks here and you may not like how it looks like, but this place deserves a spot on my list because it’s legendary. Porn forums are surprisingly popular, sometimes even more than smut sites. Well, maybe not sites like PornHub or XVideos, but some less renowned and acclaimed xxx tubes with humble libraries. If you visit, you will go to an x-rated forum, a free porn forum and one of the hottest xxx forums on the web! This is a place where you and your pervy pals can do… well, pervy stuff, and you can rave about them together. Birds of a feather flock together, and you can meet your birds here! Chirp about your favorite smutty sites and things as much as you want, and it’s all free and fun! This x-rated forum has clips, gifs and pics of naked celebs, nude porn sluts and clothed bitches who like to tease. This is not a forum too old. It’s not fucking new either, but you can find so many threads of your interest. Over 4 fucking million threads and hundreds of thousands of visitors, this free porn forum is too enticing not to check it out, no? 

Issues and goodies on 

You will see celeb news here, news about porn stars and companies in this industry, you will learn about new releases and the recent shit you might want to get your hands on. Many pages here are dedicated to celeb content, and you can see hotties like Angelina Jolie nude or semi-nude, and the navigation tools will help you find stuff you need in no time. Whatever you type in their search box, expect a lot of results because the forum covers so many things. They even have a BDSM link, if you are a sucker for torture and bondage. Third-party file hosts is something I disapprove of here, and there are also some piracy issues. Also, if you want to watch vids, you need to download them first because they are impossible to just stream. What I like, though is that you don’t need to register to use the site, and the library of content is nice and big. You can find many free pornos here, and diversity is part and parcel of this site. Even if you spend hours and hours here weekly, you will only see a fraction of the site because it is massive. What’s not to like? Well, if you forget about the piracy and third-party hosts, this place is perfect! I would always give it a fucking thumbs up. You have my blessing to visit Viper Girls, pal! 


  • Pros

    An x-rated xxx forum with much content

  • Pros

    Celebs and porn stars

  • Pros

    An engaged community


  • Cons


  • Cons

    Third-party hosts

  • Cons

    Downloads required

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