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ViralPorn Will Get You Off Like Nothing in the Adult Industry

ViralPorn is a stark reminder that I absolutely love what I do. Would you believe your trusty PornSheriff if I told you that even my job of browsing porn sites and jerking off to hot bitches could get boring sometimes? More and more sites out there all look the same, repost the same crappy videos, and feature the usual repertoire of dick-sucking and cum-guzzling sluts. That's why I get a surprise boner whenever I run into a place like this.

Just like the name suggests, aims to bring the most exciting, captivating, and popular scenes of modern pornography. The viral aspect is taken from the world of social media, where every now and then, a pic or a video gains massive recognition in a short amount of time. Now imagine the type of XXX content when every scene is viral, boner-inducing, and worth jerking off to.

Considering you people now have attention spans of goldfish, I'm not surprised websites like these don't feature long porn videos anymore. It's all about getting you off as fast as possible. And I can't say anything bad about that. I've already jizzed twice to their galleries of sexy sluts, and this review isn't even half done.

The Website Layout Makes Browsing Fun doesn't only differentiate itself from other tubes based on the type of content they provide, but the design of the website and the way the users use it are completely different. Heavily borrowing inspiration from social media platforms, the pages are nothing but content. It's all pics and videos neatly tucked together one after the other without much else. Until you hover over something that grabs your attention, you won't see anything but tits, ass, pussy, blowjobs, cum, and other perversions.

Once you pick a thumbnail, you'll see the number of likes and its title; that's it. Make it your favorite, share that dirty clip with someone who might like it, or continue browsing with a dick in your hand. While ViralPorn also gives plenty of tools to help you navigate. You could go to the hottest or newest clips and pics with one click. Or you could use a search bar. Still, I found it the most pleasurable and exciting just to wing it. Scroll down the page, click on stuff that makes your dick throb, fap, cum, and keep going until you can't breathe any longer.

It's Not Social Media for Porn, but It's Damn Close

At this point, I'm sure we'll never get a massive XXX social media platform for us perverts. It's all either scams or poorly done websites. Still, is one of those places that gets damn close. You get a feeling you're browsing through your list of friends who love putting their shaved pussies and tight assholes on full display. The porn is mind-blowing, and the bitches are so hot you won't be able to look away. That's enough for me.


  • Pros

    High-Quality Porn

  • Pros

    Huge Variety of Content

  • Pros

    XXX Pics and Videos


  • Cons

    Much More Pics Than Clips

  • Cons

    Videos Are Very Short

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