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What is a good site to you? Sites that are mainstream are obviously good, and they wouldn't be so popular if that wasn't the case. But let's go to the other side of porn! Let's visit a site called Voyeur Monkey, shall we? Now, this is not one of the most famous and popular smut sites out there, and perhaps many won't like it because, basically, you have a bunch of links here. It's as simple as that. No previews, videos, stills, various menu items... You just have links to some smutty content. This is a free porn picture site, where you will find nudes of luscious babes. But if you want these nudes, you need to open the links first. Everything looks dated, like something mummies would use, if you ask me! I know you are not that old-fashioned, mofo! All of us deserve a modern-looking design, user-friendly navigation tools, sorting options, but most importantly - plenty of steamy content! Do you have delicious porn here? Yes... And no. Nothing you will find here comes from this site. Whatever you click on, you will need to deal with a third-party site, and there will be many redirections. When I opened Kelly Hall: armchair angel, I opened a very yummy page where there were many nudes of this brunette stunner. These are nudes from various sites, her video trailers, magazine covers where she is in her birthday suit... It's actually exceptional, but nothing here is exclusive and original. What do you think? Are you OK with that?

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But the only important thing here is this - we have nudes! Who cares if the design is dated? Who fucking cares that you have a bunch of old-fashioned blue links? Who fucking cares if the content is not exclusive and original?! We have N-U-D-E-S! If you don't know how to spell, mofo, this was nudes! Every fucking day, they add new galleries! These are porn shoots and stuff like that, and they are all pretty tempting. What I hate about this site is that it looks bad. I mean, really - can't they polish it a little bit? Make it look better? More enticing? More straightforward? Why face with these terrible links when they can put nudes on the main page, right away? Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Voyeur Monkey. They have girls do porn pics, amateur teen pussy pics, best teen ass pics, many hot sexy pics and the most delicious teen vagina pics. All of this is fantastic! But hey, it's 20-fucking-21, why do some porn sites still look like shit today? I will hook you up with a great web developer, I am the sheriff and I know bitches! What do you need? The sheriff will give you what you want, just ask kindly. So, are we good? Voyeur Monkey folks, are you gonna fix the problem? Let's attract more fans of the site!


  • Pros

    Delicious nudes of gorgeous girls

  • Pros

    Teens and milfs naked and nasty

  • Pros

    Their logo is cool


  • Cons

    The design doesn't look good

  • Cons

    Dated blue links

  • Cons

    It's not a straightforward porn site

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