VR Stimulation

VR Stimulant Really Stimulates The Sheriff’s Gun

The sheriff doesn’t really need this game, as he gets to fuck any bitch in any way. But for those of you, mofos, who don’t get as much pussy or who don’t get to do anything your cocks want with your women, this game is heaven. VR Stimulant is a new sex simulator game that is so real, you will no longer feel like fucking your old lady. You will just want to fuck the babes in the games. These virtual broads are always in the mood and they won’t complain when you slam your loaded cum-gun down their throat or put it in their ass dry. 

It Stimulates You Just Like Real Sex Does

I don’t know what kind of magic do they put in these new games or what kind of psychoactive technologies the city folks came up with, but I’ll be damned if when I play this game, I don’t feel like having sex in real life. That’s why I recommend this game to all those pussy craving mofos who haven’t seen teen ass in a while or who want to fuck some busty big ass MILFs and feel like their fantasies have been fulfilled. I think that the reason for which the game is so efficient in making you feel like you’re actually fucking is all the interactivity of the gameplay. You will get to control everything about the sex. You get to fuck any hole, in any position and cum wherever you want. 

And the graphics are insane. The bodies of these virtual sluts come with so many small details and everything is responsive. Not only that the tits and asses bounce when you fuck them, but the holes get gapped, their facial expression changes based on how hard you fuck them and the cum texture and flow are so natural. And what’s fun is that these girls can do so many other things that real bitches can’t do. You should see them chocking on dick or moving their ass in cowgirl position while you play POV mode. Those moments can get you cumming without touching yourself. 

The Most Realistic Browser Porn Game

The sheriff doesn’t have time for installing games and setting up graphics extensions. He just wants to come online and cum hard. And that’s why VR Stimulant is great from a technical point of view. It’s a HTML5 game, whatever that means. I just know that you can just hit the play button and play. You will need to download, no instalment and not even registration. Everything is in your browser, instantly available for play. And you will get the game anywhere you are, because it works on any computer and mobile device that can run Chrome, Opera, Safari and even Edge. 

So let yourself get addicted to this game. Play it tonight and every time you get horny. Go play it in the bathroom at work and cum right on the tiled floor. Enjoy it in the kitchen at night while the wife is sleeping. Or like a real man, on your living room couch in the middle of the day. 


  • Pros

    Realistic Porn Experience

  • Pros

    Click And Play Accessibility

  • Pros

    No Registration Needed


  • Cons

    No Trans Or Gay Action

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